Feature Image of Why No One Talks About IS 5424 Electrical Mats?

If you have live equipment at work, electrical safety standards like IS 5424 and IS 15652 are mandatory. It will also be one of the hardest details to perfect. Unless of course, you keep up with all the electrical safety matting standard updates. And, if you are in India then the standard to pass the electrical safety matting audit in workplaces is IS 15652.

But there is a catch.

The question remains, by installing an IS 15652 electrical rubber mat are you good to go?

Not so easily.

You must adhere to the most recent and updated standard for IS 5424.

Why Update the IS 15652? 

Electrical safety is an ongoing research process. You will that as we pace towards technological advancements, old safety methods also become obsolete.

Therefore, you would have to always keep up with electrical safety updates.

You don't need an obsolete safety matting that does absolutely nothing for your operators working on live equipment.

That is also why IS 15652 is always updated as we advance further at better, more efficient, and affordable electrical safety measures in workplaces.

Why You Shouldn’t buy IS 5424 Anymore!

IS 5424:1969 is obsolete and has been replaced with the recent IS 15652:2006.

With the recent update, the standards come with greater electrical safety capacities ensuring that your workplace is safe.

Also, you need to cautiously note that if you are still using the IS 5424:1969 then you won’t be passing through any safety audits.

If you fail the electrical safety audit, your company would be closed down too.


For general rubber flooring purposes, you can always choose IS 15652:1969.

If you expect a working voltage resistance as per the updated standards, then this will not be a suitable choice for your workplace with live equipment.

What You get with the Updated IS 15352:2006 Electrical Insulating Mats?

Adhering to the latest standard requirements for electrical rubber mats means you get through tough audits. Moreover, you are saving millions in terms of future profits.

Electrical Insulating Mats help you save on disaster insurance pay-outs and helps you grow with a safe and healthy company reputation.

The X-Volt IS 15352:2006 Electrical Insulating Mats

  • Material Composition built to resist higher working voltages

  • Dotted design for anti-skid properties

  • ISI marking on every meter

  • Test certificate with every supply

  • 100% IS 15652 compliance

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Technical assistance upon request

  • Approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards

  • Natural Rubber Components

Where to Buy the Updated IS Standard Electrical Rubber Matting?

We always suggest our clients buy directly from the manufacturers or authorized dealers. We insist on doing that is because it is easier for you to redeem warranties and after-sales services.

We at Duratuf pride ourselves in being the leading manufacturer of insulating mats and ensuring 100% compliance that is audit friendly.

It is also our duty to inform our customers about the out-dated standards to help them buy the recent compliance standards in insulating mats. Our 10+ years of manufacturing experience and global export exposure, best quality at the most competitive prices.

To talk to an insulating mats expert just dial +91-80888-77444 or leave us a message at inquiry@duratufproducts.com.

Purchase the updated IS standard X-Volt Insulating Mats 15652:2006 you call us at the same number above or e-mail us at  sales@duratufproducts.com