Electrical insulating mats are imparitive when you have to ensure the well-being and safety of people in your workspace. It is one of the major concerns of every business owner of a commercial space. The latest option that comes as a saviour in taking care of such issues are electrical insulating mats. Making it the most cost-effective option for you to ensure a zero electrical fatality workplace. Due to the wide areas of applications, these electrical insulating mats are used across all commercial industries that you could think of.

You can check out some of the aspects that make these mats useful and worth an investment.

Why You Need Electrical Insulating Mats in Your Commercial Place?

  • Areas of applications

Power transmission rooms, power plants, labs, LT & HT voltage panels, etc are few of the areas where nothing but these rubber insulating mats are used to ensure the needed safety of the people working on the site.

  • Design

Being an industrial material these electrical insulating mats are made by mainly using the synthetic polymers and elastomer. This material makes sure that the static electricity is not produced on the mats in any possible manner and thus provides better protection than anything used for similar purposes in the market. So no matter how adverse the work conditions are, the risks of electric shocks would stay at bay.

  • Attributes

Duratuf’s electrical insulating mats come with properties like high tensile strength, long life, high levels of durability, resistance to the lowest temperatures, acid proof structure, etc. These are some of the most vital attributes that make it highly popular amongst commercial users.

  • Availability

Apart from the basic options for insulating mats as per IS 15652:2006.  You also have various other options like rubber insulation mats as per ASTM D 178electrical mats as per IS 5424:1969. In addition you have  high voltage insulation mats as per IEC 61111:2009 etc. that you can choose from. Largely depending upon the budget and the area of application.

In addition, keeping in mind the modern day needs related to these mats, they come in vibrant colors, self-designs, and eco-friendly options as well.

Since these mats are highly popular and easily available, contact us to grab the best electrical insulating mats at the most affordable prices. Here is a great introduction to electrical safety in workplaces.