Electrical safety is important. It can be elevated with an electrical insulator.

  • But are you aware of the true scenario of industrial workplaces, when it comes to electrical safety?

  • How many of them might be using proper safety equipment?

According to reports, approximately 1000 electrical accidents are reported to the HSE Forum (Health, Safety and Environment). While many of these accidents are because of negligence, don’t you think some can be attributed to using a low-quality electrical insulator?

  • How do buyers know they are choosing a high-quality electrical safety rubber mat for electrical panel?
  • Especially when there are plenty of electrical insulator options around you?

Well, we do not claim that Duratuf’s di-electrical Rubber Insulating Mats are the best. Rather, let’s first explore all its features. Then, you can decide on your own!

Why is Compliance of an Electrical Insulator Mat with IEC 61111 Important?

IEC 61111 standard specifies the requirements of a rubber mat for electrical panel room. It outlines various factors like the material composition preferable for insulation matting, its testing methods, and resistance against external elements.
An electrical mat certified as per the standards of IEC 61111:2009 is ‘safe to use’.

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They protect the workers from electrical hazards and take care of workplace safety.
But, how does being only ‘certified’ guarantee a longer life for the electrical mats?

Let’s look a little deeper into the world of an electrical insulator mat:

What makes Duratuf a standout choice for di-electrical rubber insulating mats?

Duratuf has been chosen by 3655+ customers– the reasons being our innovation and dedication towards our customers. Our experts go the extra mile to connect with the customers- helping them in times of need. Having an advanced customer management system, we respond to all client queries within 60 minutes.

How does Duratuf ensure adherence to IEC 61111 electrical rubber sheet standards?

As a responsible manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of insulation matting, we monitor the entire process rigorously. Following the IEC 61111 guidelines, each electrical insulator mat is tested for fire retardance, di-electric strength, wear-tear resistance, and more.
Even after rounds of quality testing the insulation matting, our specialists visually inspect the electrical mats before packing.
Furthermore, we have flexible return and refund policies on electrical insulator mats to assist you further.

5 Reasons to Choose Duratuf IEC 61111 Insulation Matting

  • Unparalleled Material Quality:
    Material quality is crucial for our buyers.
    If you are planning to buy electrical rubber sheet for your business, what would you choose- better quality mats at a slightly higher price or products offered at a cheap electrical mat price?
    Most insulation matting buyers do not hesitate to pay more if they are happy with the quality. As per our internal survey, we have found out the reasons why they do so-

    1. Premium-grade electrical mats have better dielectric strength; hence, they can withstand higher voltages without breaking down.
    2. Replacement costs of a good quality mat are often lower than mats purchased at cheaper rates.
    3. A quality electrical safety rubber mat for electrical panel looks good. They elevate the overall outlook of an area.

    Can you relate, too?
    Commonly, there are 6 types of electrical mats available at the market. Click here to know.

  • Meeting Diverse Industrial Needs:
    Duratuf IEC 61111 dielectric electrical insulator mat is prized across industries like power generation, manufacturing, and construction. We have supplied our mats to 10565+ successful projects all over the world.
    Some of our major projects include:
  • Options for Customization:
    Understanding that different applications have unique requirements, Duratuf offers customization options for our insulation matting. Customers can specify dimensions, thicknesses, and even custom branding, ensuring the mats perfectly fit their specific needs.
    The standard insulating rubber mat specification for IEC 61111:2009 electrical mats are:

    Product Code (SKU)ClassMax Use VoltageThicknessWidthLengthWeight/Roll
    IM-IEC-C001.0 KV2.0 mm1 m10 m32 Kg(s)
    IM-IEC-C117.5 KV2.0 mm1 m10 m32 Kg(s)
    IM-IEC-C2217.0 KV3.0 mm1 m10 m40 Kg(s)
    IM-IEC-C3326.5 KV4.0 mm1 m10 m56 Kg(s)
    IM-IEC-C4436.0 KV5.0 mm1 m10 m72 Kg(s)
  • Complete Customer Support: You may feel the need to get support from specialists while buying an electrical insulator mat. It can be for choosing the appropriate mat as per your working voltage requirements. Furthermore, customers can also look for electrical mats with additional features like heat, Ozone, or UV resistance.
    In such instances and more, going through technical details and product descriptions can be difficult. Especially, if you do not have much time to invest in R&D.
    Our specialists offer free technical guidance:

    1. Response within 60 minutes
    2. Experts with 150+ of collective experience
    3. No persuasion approach while you connect with us

    72.33% of our customers have voted Duratuf for offering an ‘Ease of Ordering’.

  • Proven Track Record in the Industry: With years of experience and a solid reputation for quality and reliability, Duratuf has established itself as a trusted supplier of di-electrical rubber insulating mats. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal customer base and numerous industry accolades.

Benefits of Choosing Duratuf Mats

  • Quick supply from ready stock

  • Product (electrical insulator mats) certificates are supplied on every purchase

  • Warranty on insulation matting options

If you are looking for our electrical insulating rubber mat price list, you can call, mail, or WhatsApp us. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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