Why are IS 15652 Electrical Mats Popular in India?
Things You Need To Know

Have you ever thought of the aftereffects of an electrical accident? What if, suddenly the machines in your factory become uncontrollable? Can you imagine the level of devastation it would cause?
Advancement in technology is revolutionising the business sectors. The machines have become faster and more seamless. However, technology has also increased complications. Now, you can barely spot a fault in the heavy machines you use for production purposes. Once you are able to find the catch, the situation goes out of hand. This is where the IS 15652 electrical mats from Duratuf come into the picture.

Are you in search of an insulating mat with IS 15652 marking on every metre? Did you know you can prevent electrocution with Duratuf’s Insulation Mats?

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In India, there has been an exponential rise in accidents caused by electricity over the years. You just need the appropriate electrical insulation rubber mat to reduce the risks.

Domestic property owners have to tackle the hazards of electrocution. Nevertheless, it is the commercial places that report the most number of deaths caused by electricity.
Hence, it is your responsibility to look after your workers and the business assets. Nevertheless, the labour law in India also states the same.

You cannot afford to fail the safety audits.

Domestic property owners have to tackle the hazards of electrocution. Nevertheless, it is the commercial places that report the most number of deaths caused by electricity.
Hence, it is your responsibility to look after your workers and the business assets. Nevertheless, the labour law in India also states the same.

Although, you can avoid any such outcome by paying a fine. But electrical code violations are extremely expensive.

And when Duratuf offers you an affordable electrical mat price, why even take any chance?
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Various types of commercial establishments utilise electricity distinctively. In the manufacturing industry, electricity is required to run machines. Regardless of the type, size, or scale of industry, machines keep operations smooth.

In places of entertainment like retail outlets, malls, or cinema halls, electricity is requisite for illumination.
In office spaces, from computer servers to HVAC systems, everything works on electricity.

Electricity is essential during any big event like marriage, festivals and parties, as well. Unfortunately, Electrical safety is an aspect that often gets neglected.

Hence, the chances of electricity-related accidents in commercial places are naturally higher.

Take A Look At The Statistics
According to the reports of the Central Electrical Authority, 42% of fire outbreaks are generally from faulty electrical systems only. Nonetheless, not using an electrical rubber mat IS 15652 is also a reason.

Albeit, the numbers are shocking. However, more alarming is the reality, where business owners face hefty financial losses after a severe accident. Trust Duratuf’s electrical insulation rubber mat for all-round protection.

Being only cautious to safeguard your business from hazards caused by electricity is not enough. You have to think from the grassroot level. You can anyway skip paying the electrical mat price.
But not using an electrical insulation rubber mat always makes you pay higher prices!
Prevention is better than cure. By the same token, the electrical mats keep many problems at bay. Read to know how Duratuf insulating mats give you protection during the festivals.

What Is An Electrical Insulation Rubber Mat?

An electrical insulation rubber mat is a practical piece of equipment that mitigates the dangers of electrocution in every way. The blend of elastomer, PVC, and other special polymers in the electrical insulation rubber mat enhances the insulating properties of rubber. The fusion of science and technology reduces the leakage of electricity from high-voltage machinery too.

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Unlike the general rubber sheets, the electrical insulation mats are free from insertion. The robust build of the electrical insulation matting systems makes them suitable for both AC and DC panels.
The electrical mat price varies according to the class.

What Is The Significance Of IS 15652:2006 Mark On The IS 15652 Electrical Mats?

Since the electrical safety mats level up workplace safety, it is imperative for them to pass the standard test.
The Bureau of Electrical Standards or BIS prepares the guidelines for such inspections.
The IS 15652:2006 is the latest standard test guidelines prepared by the government. The purpose of this test is to make the electrical matting systems foolproof from every parameter. Before installing them for applications in power stations where electricity generation, transmission, and distribution take place, they need to comply with the test guidelines. Once the insulating mats comply with the IS 15652 guidelines, it means that you can rely on the electric mat for uncompromised safety. It will be certified for providing protection against electrical shocking and other electrical hazards. And you get profitable after paying the electrical mat price.

Previously, manufacturers followed the 5424:1969 standard to test the efficacy of the electrical safety mats. Nonetheless, the traditional methods have long been superseded by the IS 15652 criteria for an electrical insulation rubber mat.

Why has 5424:1969 become outdated?

  • First of all, the electrical rubber mats were made thicker. They ranged from 6mm to 12mm and 20mm in thickness.

  • Secondly, the previous guideline did not talk about chemical and ageing tests. Therefore, insulating mats were used even when they were highly flammable. They were not discarded when they were affected by the effects of ageing too.

Today, an electrical mat has to pass several tests to get the IS 15652 label.

What Are The Qualifying Tests For The IS 15652 Label?

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An electrical rubber mat with IS 15652 label has to go through multiple test rounds. The quintessential tests to obtain an electrical rubber mat IS 15652 include:
  1. Insulation Resistance: Rubber has natural insulation properties, yet it is better to be double sure. The insulation resistance test is meant to understand how much protection the electrical safety mat would provide when it comes in contact with a medium that conducts electricity. For instance hard water or simply tap water.

A qualified tester dips the electrical mat in tap water for 24 hours, to perform this test. Subsequently, the electrical rubber mat IS 15652 is exposed to two electrodes generating electricity.
The electrical insulation mat passes the first level of the test if the insulation resistance is equal to or more than 100000 MΏ.

  1. AC Proof Voltage Test: The electrical rubber mat IS 15652 is classified into three classes.
  • AC Proof Voltage for Class A is 10 KV
  • AC Proof Voltage for Class B is 22 KV
  • AC Proof Voltage for Class C is 36 KV

Nonetheless, the AC-proof voltage is not the same as the working voltage for the electrical rubber mat IS 15652.
A tester takes a sample piece and equipment with an opening of 762 x 762 mm to conduct the test. The cavity of the apparatus is filled with a sponge and water. The tester places the rubber mat sample on the opening and a metal plate, with electrodes above it.

  1. Leakage Current: The test for leakage current and AC Proof voltage is the same.

The leakage current unit for Duratuf’s X-Volt Insulating Mat (Class B) ranges between 0.93 mA to 0.98 mA.

Hence, the IS 15652 rubber mats from Duratuf never fail the compliance audits.
Furthermore, the electrical rubber mat IS 15652 is also tested to ensure its oil, acid, alkali, and temperature resistance.
When are you paying the electrical mat price, we want your business to be profitable!
These mats can even also help you increase the business ROI.

Why Are The IS 15652 Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats From Duratuf Popular?

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The IS 15652 electrical insulation rubber mat from Duratuf is one of the best sellers in India. These are the reasons why these mats are popular:

  • Comes With A Type-Test Certificate: The type test is a particular test conducted for 3 minutes. In this method, the sample mat is tested rigorously under various conditions and with different test devices.

    Since it is more time invasive and detailed, a type-tested rubber insulation mat is 100% flawless. This is where the IS 15652-certified Safevolt Insulating Mat from Duratuf can be the ultimate game changer for your business. Each bundle comes with a Type-Test Certificate from a NABL accredited Lab.

  • Innovative Professional Design: Since electrical rubber mats are a popular flooring material, you have to choose carefully. The electrical mats from Duratuf have an innovative anti-skid design with a dotted texture.

    The dots keep the flooring material in place and mitigates change of any accident from slippage or uneven surface.

  • Quality Elastomer Used: Studies highlight that PVC is the third largest manufacturing element for the electrical rubber mat IS 15652. Nonetheless, PVC has some major drawbacks. Low-quality PVC secretes oil and emits a foul odour which can be suffocating for the workers. Hence, it is not recommended to go for low-quality products at a cheap electrical mat price.

    Duratuf uses high-grade Elastomer to prepare the electrical mats. Their composition can withstand high voltages and also exhibit fire retardant properties.

  • Seamless Client Support Services: Buying an electrical mat for your business is not all. Therefore, we offer site fixation and thorough after-sales support. The experts on our team are polished and qualified to answer your queries and keep you updated.

  • Competitive Electrical Rubber Mat Price: Duratuf brings luxury and a competitive electrical mat price to your fingertips. The premium rubber mats are priced after avid market analysis and in-depth market research. As per the IS marking, they are reputed in the market for their reliable and quality electrical rubber mats.

Hence, you get the best electrical mat price from Duratuf every time you buy X-Volt Insulating Mat from us.

Know More About Our Clients

Duratuf is one of the fastest-growing industrial rubber manufacturers and suppliers. We have catered to the needs of esteemed brands and industry giants for over 12 years. Some clients who choose us for IS 15652 electrical mats are:

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