• Are you sure that you are using the appropriate electrical rubber mat?

  • What if the working voltage of the electrical mat is not enough for your business operations?

The power requirements of each industry are different. Hence, using the same rubber mat for electrical panel might not be sufficient.

There are umpteen hazards of using the wrong kind of electrical insulating mat.

Do not worry at all, this blog will turn you into a smart buyer of electrical rubber mats.

Do you know a commercial unit, production area or industrial space remains more prone to accidents? It takes seconds for a fire to cause significant loss of lives and assets.

Shocking Workplace Hazards That May Happen Without an Electrical Rubber Mat

  • Electrocution: The National Crime Report Bureau has reported 12529 deaths from electrocution in 2021-22.

  • Fire from Short Circuit: The Accident and Suicide Statistics highlight more than 1808 such cases in 2021-22.

  • Electric Shock

  • Current Leakage

  • Falls, Slips, and Trips

Image of Hazard of Death by Electrocution
Although many business owners use rubber mat IS 15652, they are unaware of their functionality. Unfortunately, the IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list seems more attractive.

What if you get the top quality products at the most competitive IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list? Duratuf is there to take care of your needs.

There are different classes of electrical rubber mat. The IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list largely depends on the class.

However, you should never compromise on the aspects of safety only because of the price factor.

What are the uses of an electrical rubber mat? Why do you need to buy electrical rubber mats in India? Surely, ‘Why should you use an electrical mat’ has hit your mind sometimes.

We will tell you why!

A rubber mat for electrical panel is a must-have safety equipment for those who work with or around high-voltage. The electrical mats come with a range of advantages. Here’s why you should use one:

5 Benefits of Using an Electrical Rubber Mat

image of Switchboard matting
  • Electrical Safety: An electrical rubber mat primarily provides a protective barrier against electric shocks. They are placed on the floor or other work surfaces to isolate your workers from the ground. Henceforth, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.

  • Prevention of Electric Arcing: An electric mat helps prevent electric arcing, which can occur due to electrical discharge or insulation failure. By providing a non-conductive surface, they minimize the chances of electrical sparks or arc flash accidents.

  • Workplace Safety Compliance: The rubber mat IS 15652 plays a vital role in meeting safety standards and compliance regulations. Especially the National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) requirements.

They help ensure a safe working environment, particularly in areas where electrical equipment or live wires are present.

  • Shock Absorption and Fatigue Reduction: The mats from reputed electrical rubber mat suppliers offer ergonomic benefits. Two such advantages is providing a comfortable and anti-fatigue surface to stand or work on for extended periods.

An electrical rubber mat helps reduce strain on the body, minimize fatigue, and enhance productivity.

  • Insulation: In specific applications, a rubber mat for electrical panel is used for its thermal insulation properties. They help to insulate surfaces, preventing heat loss or heat transfer, and maintaining optimal temperatures in specific environments.

Yes, an electrical rubber mat is that useful.

3 Classes of a Rubber Mat IS 15652

Image of Black and Blue Electrical Insulating Mats
According to the latest IS 15652 standard test procedure, there are three electrical mat classes. Such mats are also referred to as electrical rubber mats, rubber mats or rubber mat for electrical panels.

When you plan to buy one, remember IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list may depend primarily on the class, but that’s not all.

Class A Electrical Mat:

  • Working Voltage: Up to 3.3 kilovolts (kV)

  • Dielectric Strength: Greater than or equal to 30 kilovolts (kV)

Class A rubber mat IS 15652 is suitable for relatively low-voltage applications where the operating voltage does not exceed 3.3 kV.

Class B Electrical Rubber Mats:

  • Working Voltage: Up to 11 kilovolts (kV)
  • Dielectric Strength: Greater than or equal to 45 kilovolts (kV)

Class B mats are designed for medium-voltage applications, where the working voltage ranges up to 11 kV.

Class C Rubber Mat For Electrical Panel:

  • Working Voltage: Up to 33 kilovolts (kV)

  • Dielectric Strength: Greater than or equal to 65 kilovolts (kV)

Class C mats are intended for high-voltage applications, with a working voltage of up to 33 kV.

Best Electrical Mat for High Voltage Application

Image of application of IS Electrical Insulating Mats in a server room
It will certainly affect your business if your selection is not right. Using an electrical mat with low working voltage in a high-voltage setting can be deadly.

The standard categorizes a rubber mat IS 15652 into different classes based on their working voltage and dielectric strength. We can provide a detailed IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list comparing all the factors.

Dielectric strength is the maximum electric field that an electrical rubber mat can withstand before getting completely damaged.

Working voltage refers to the voltage that a rubber mat for electrical panel can support to offer long-lasting protection.

Another factor to consider is the AC Proof Voltage. AC-proof voltage refers to the maximum voltage that a device or component can withstand without suffering damage when subjected to an alternating current (AC) electrical signal.

The AC-proof voltage of a rubber mat for electrical panel determines the safety margin of the same.

  • Class A electrical rubber mat AC proof voltage: 10.00 kV

  • Class B electrical mat AC proof voltage: 22.00 kV

  • Class C electrical rubber mat AC proof voltage: 36.00 kV

Hence, the best electric mat for high-voltage applications depends primarily on the working voltage of your industrial unit.

As one of the top electrical rubber mat suppliers in India, Duratuf aims to help customers buy the right electrical mat.

Nonetheless, if you are a smart buyer, you have to keep some points in mind.

3 Questions to Ask the Electrical Rubber Mat Suppliers Before you buy one

Image of Electrical Insulating Mats Application
  • Can you provide a test certificate from a nationally accredited lab?

  • What is the warranty that you offer?

  • What are the features of your electrical rubber mat?

The more, the merrier. You need to be more specific if you want to understand the difference in IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list, provided by different electrical rubber mat suppliers.

You would always want to buy a ‘value for money’ product, right?

Apart from their working voltage and dielectric strength, a rubber mat for electrical panel possesses other important characteristics. They have a high resistance to electrical current flow and are capable of withstanding accidental contact with live parts.

IS 15652 mandates that the electrical rubber mats should be visually inspected for any surface defects or damages before use. They should be free from bubbles, blisters, cuts, or any other irregularities that may compromise their insulation properties.

Proper storage, cleaning, and maintenance procedures are recommended to extend the life span of these mats and preserve their electrical insulation capabilities.

If an electrical rubber mat complies with all the guidelines, it passes either the Type Test, Routine Test, or both. The X-volt electrical rubber mat from Duratuf is one of the best-selling electrical mats in India.

Wondering why should you Buy the X-volt Electrical Rubber Mat?

Image of x-volt insulating mats

Have a look at the reasons:

  1. Type-test Certified: The X-volt electrical rubber mat is type-test certified. Thus, you can stay stress-free about the quality.
  2. Customizable: Your necessity is our priority. We can customize the electrical rubber mats according to your required size, dimension, and color.
  3. Ready Stock: Duratuf keeps a 10,000 sq m ready stock of Class A, Class B, and Class C rubber mat IS 15652 in 6 warehouses across India. Need urgent delivery? Call us.
  4. Longer Lifetime: Each X-volt rubber mat IS 15652 is tested rigorously to assure long life to the business owners. Longer life means lower recurrent expenses.
  5. Minimized maintenance charges: Made of the best quality elastomer, natural rubber, and other polymers, the X-volt electrical mat requires minimum maintenance.

Duratuf’s X-volt electrical rubber mat find applications in a wide range of industries, including electrical power distribution, manufacturing plants, control rooms, data centers, laboratories, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

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Tata, JSW, BHEL, NALCO, LAFARGE, Reliance, L&T, and Asian Paints are some of our esteemed clients.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the overhead and related maintenance expenses, we can help. Let us know your requirements and we shall be happy to assist you.

Call our team of product specialists if you want to know about the IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list. Undoubtedly, you will get the best rates guaranteed.

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