Electrical insulating mats are unique industrial materials that mainly contribute to the safety and security of electric operators working in small or large industrial workplaces. These types of safety mats used for different electrical purposes.

As a result, they can be a part of broad application in several power plants, power transmission rooms and high voltage panels.

Design and Application

Electric insulation mats are basically produced with an ideal mix of synthetic polymers. Typically, the insulation mats are laid on the floor in front of the electrical panels/equipment.

They can also be pasted on to the floor. As a result of installing electrical insulating mats, the safety of electrical operators is ensured by these insulation mats.

electrical insulating mats

9 Top Advantages of Electrical Insulation Mats

Professionals and electrical operators who need to work in an environment that involves continuous threats of electric shock should use electrical insulation mats.

There are many advantages to these types of insulation mats.

Mandatory Safety Standard

When you get into businesses that have heavy use of power equipment then it would be a mandatory safety parameter to install electric insulating mats ensuring safe working practices.

Floor Covering

First, they can be used as floor coverings under control panels. It also assures the safety of operators with better and more secure infrastructure.

As a result, the possibility of hazards due to any form of leakage of current is eliminated.

Electrical Work Protection

In most cases, electrical safety is considered as the most important concern for the professionals as well as employees who are working with the entire electrical industry, regardless of industry size.

Due to this reason, these electrical insulation materials like switchboard matting and others play a great role to increase operational safety and reliability.

There is no doubt that the electrical applications are becoming rather a complex day by day, therefore it is equally important to protect the machines and electric operators in all situations.


Due to its range of capacity and plenty of advantages, electrically insulated mats have become one of the most important industrial resources nowadays. There are many different types of insulation mats that you can choose from.

Temperature Resistance

High voltage insulation mats are used because of their excellent ageing properties. They have very high insulation and very low-temperature resistance.

Chemical/Fuel Resistance

Another important advantage of insulation mats is that they are alkali, acid, and oil-proof as well as flame redundant in nature. You can also get water proof features too.


Imagine having to shut your factory down because of an electrical hazard that has cost you lives and millions in machinery damage? Well, that is exactly what you can save yourself from when you choose premium grade electrical insulating mats.

Easy Installation

Contrary to popular belief, you can be assured the easy installation of insulating mats. Most electrical insulating mats from Duratuf Products are paste-on.

Certified Protection

Another advantage of insulating mats is that they come pretested by direct manufacturers. It is as simple as this, you give them your size, thickness and voltage requirements and they manufacture the mats exactly right for your space. All of this in a market competitive price.


In the end, as a business owner insulating your workplace makes sure you don’t end up paying millions in damage and insurances. You can connect with us directly and our insulating mats experts will be happy to help you out.

Prevention is always better than cure.

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