Electrical Safety Practices

6 Different Types of Electrical Insulating Mats – A Comparative Study

2023-04-20T18:43:18+05:30September 18th, 2020|

Concerned with workplace electrical safety? Worried about regulatory government inspection? Well, it’s time to invest in an upgraded version of the electrical rubber mat. Choosing the one that suits your purpose, business and budget can be a tough decision. So, here you go! Decoding different types of insulating mats, their best [...]

Significance of Elastomers in Electrical Safety

2023-04-20T18:44:11+05:30February 12th, 2020|

One of the most used elastomeric materials is rubber. You could use it also for high voltage workplaces to avoid electrical fatalities. From our houses to our offices, rubber derivates and dielectric rubbers are present everywhere. You can just think of generator rooms, where electrical rubber mats are used to keep [...]

Facts About Safety in Workplaces You Didn’t Know

2023-04-20T18:47:03+05:30December 18th, 2019|

Electrical Insulation Mats have been a common electrical safety preventive method for a long time now. You can yet find many factories unaware of electrical safety protocols. In addition to all of that, you would also find a good round of myths being passed around in terms of electrical safety. We [...]

High Voltage Insulating Mats – Why, Do’s and Dont’s

2023-04-20T18:51:15+05:30October 11th, 2018|

If your job is around electrical appliances, there should be insulating mats to protect you from any electrical hazard. It is the responsibility of the employer to look after the safety of the workers. And, high voltage insulating mats are a mandatory installation to ensure workplace safety from electrical accidents. When it [...]

Use Insulating Mats | Because Prevention is Better Than Cure

2023-04-20T18:52:11+05:30October 8th, 2018|

Electrical Insulating mats are non-conductors in nature which is required for every electrical-based factory and for workers. Therefore, Insulation mats can be seen in places such as power plants, power transmission rooms, high voltage panels, etc. Features of Electrical Insulating Mats Insulation mats are the only thing that stands between [...]

8 Tips to Prevent Workplace Electrical Accidents

2023-04-20T18:54:58+05:30March 5th, 2018|

Did you that the worldwide statistics on electrical accidents keep increasing every year? Anybody working near or with electrical appliances needs to be aware of the protection standards. Electrical Insulation Mats provide you 100% protection against electrical hazards. It is also a standard protection practice for all industries. One of the [...]

How to Master Electrical Safety with Insulating Mats?

2023-04-20T18:58:55+05:30May 25th, 2016|

Electrical insulating mats, otherwise known as non-conductive mats are essentially utilized for protection from high voltage and electrocution.  You will find these types of mats are used widely for industrial purposes. The main purpose of you using insulating mats is that they provide insulation for your electrical operators. Insulating Mats Ensure [...]