X-Volt IS 15652:2006

Why are IS 15652 Electrical Mats Popular in India?

2023-09-25T12:22:51+05:30September 21st, 2023|

Why are IS 15652 Electrical Mats Popular in India?Things You Need To Know Have you ever thought of the aftereffects of an electrical accident? What if, suddenly the machines in your factory become uncontrollable? Can you imagine the level of devastation it would cause? Advancement in technology is revolutionising the business sectors. The [...]

5 Tips to Boost Profit 2X with Electrical Safety Mat

2023-08-01T12:02:46+05:30June 23rd, 2023|

Are you struggling with stagnant sales? Has diminishing profit margins become a regular affair for your reselling business? Are you searching for ways to stand apart in the competition? Did you know your problem solver can be an electrical safety mat from Duratuf? Today, there is cut-throat competition in [...]