Significance of Elastomers in Electrical Safety

2020-03-07T11:35:51+05:30February 12th, 2020|

One of the most used elastomeric material is rubber. You could use it also for high voltage workplaces to avoid electrical fatalities. From our houses to our offices, rubber derivates and dielectric rubbers are present everywhere. You can just think of generator rooms, where electrical rubber mats are used to keep workers safe. It [...]

What Everyone Is Saying About Switchboard Matting?

2021-05-21T17:01:53+05:30September 5th, 2019|

Did you know in 2017, the United States saw a 7.3% deaths by electrocution in the construction industry? Most of these deaths are attributed to the exposure of live current. Switchboard matting is a solution. Exposure to electricity is the 6th major cause of deaths in the workplace. In addition, you would have [...]

9 Top Advantages of Electrical Insulating Mats

2021-08-04T10:12:55+05:30May 23rd, 2016|

Did you know that your workplace with live equipment is at risk without electrical insulating mats? Electrical insulating mats are unique industrial materials that mainly contribute to the safety and security of electric operators. it doesn't matter fi you have a large or a small scale business area. if you have live equipment then, [...]