Switchboard Matting

Whenever you talk about Switchboard Matting then it’s obvious that you would prefer to think about any one type of mat that’s available out of the entire collection at hand! Usually the one mat that comes to the mind is none other than the ASTM-D-178 electrical insulating mat. Yes, this mat is getting increasingly popular by the times and resonates with switchboard area installations for sure. Just read ahead to know more about it.

Getting the jest of Switchboard based Mats:

First of all, one needs to realize the sheer importance of Switchboard mattings and what their usage agenda in the very first place is.

Switchboard type matting is meant to be placed in front of high voltage apparatus such as switchgears, or motor control centres to name a few. Yes, they are placed in front of these apparatus in a permanent manner for providing personal protection for all the personnel or workers concerned. You can also get these mattings to be utilized when giving a try on take-up and pay-out reels. Further, when replacing or adding conductors then also these mattings can be utilized to their full potential.

You can be assured of these mattings to be of immensely high product quality as their usage should never be compromised. After all, it’s literally a question of life and death regarding the personnel who work at electrically sensitive (and at times hypersensitive) establishments. The things stated above make for the jest of these specialized insulation mattings where ASTM-D-178 holds a special position among its counterparts. Keep reading ahead to know some more things about these mattings that are turning immensely popular by the times in the industrial as well as commercial markets!

ASTM-D-178 as the ‘perfect’ choice for this application:

Just like you went through the jest of what switchboard matting is, similarly you can also go through the jest of what an ASTM-D-178 is in this context!

Firstly, you need to get the exact meaning of the standard mentioned in this alpha-numeric code above. It’s actually a Quality Standard set up by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Hence, when specialized mattings meant mainly for switchboard purposes are designed as per the ASTM-D-178 standard, they ensure protection from fatal shocks that high voltage equipment in question can generate!

Knowing the technicalities of ASTM-D-178:

These mattings would be used by you or any other end-user in front of switchboards on a permanent fixture basis so their measurement should be perfect! Yes, these mattings have a thickness from 3.2mm to 12.7mm as per the ASTM-D-178 standard. But this thickness measurement depends upon the usage/working voltage resistance that’s along with the smooth lower surface as well as anti-skid textured surface on top.

Further, you as an end-user need to decide if you require Type-1 or Type-2 Grade. Now in what kind of location (environment wise) your matting needs to be installed, it depends upon this factor to opt for the appropriate Type grade.

Type-1 Grade:

The switchboard mats designed under Type-1 guarantee a long functional life as they are water, moisture and leakage proof.

Type-2 Grade:

The switchboard mats designed under Type-2 are here to offer add-on (extra) properties such as flame resistance, oil resistance as well as ozone resistance.

Any type of specialized switchboard centric insulation mattings you may want to purchase as stated above but you can be assured of the manufacturer’s Test certificate that will be provided along with the product supply.

Application Areas of Switchboard centric mats:

Being an end-user of these specialized mattings, here are the main (selected) application areas where these products following the ASTM-D-178 standard can be utilized:

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • Electrical Substations
  • In front of Switchboards
  • Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment
  • Around Buss Bars

Well, these are all the possible perspectives stated above that contribute to the ever increasing fame of switchboard centric electrical insulation mats.

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