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Duratuf Switchboard Mats (ASTM-D178)

ASTM D178 | Test Certificate On Supply | Working Voltage 1-36 KV

An Overview of our ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting

The Duratuf switchboard mats are non-conductive, electrically insulating floor covering. They are used for electrical hazard prevention.
These switchboard mats meet the ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials) insulation resistance requirements.
We recommend placing our ASTM D178 electrical switchboard rubber matting in front of high-voltage equipment. These mats are suitable for use in both industrial and commercial places.
Moreover, this electrical safety mat range is certified for use industries like in power generation, construction, manufacturing, recycling, food processing, packaging, etc.
Owing to their placement, ASTM D178 electrical safety mat is also locally known as a switchboard mat, an electrical switchboard matting, or simply switchboard matting.
To help you meet your workplace safety regulations, our switchboard mats have clear product labels all over them mats. The labels do not wipe out or fade with rigorous usage- proving their authenticity. Further confirming their genuinity, we also provide manufacturer’s test certificates with every batch of supply.
The ASTM D178 switchboard mats have a fine-ribbed texture on one side and anti-slip textures on the back. Having such a combination, these electrical mats minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Additionally, the workers also get optimum lower leg comfort with this ASTM D178-compliant mat.
We also offer them in both-sided textured designs.
The standard color for this range of electrical safety mats is black. However, they can be customized in other colors like Grey.

An Overview of our ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting

The Duratuf ASTM D178 switchboard matting is made of high-quality elastomer (free from insertion) and a combination of several compounds. Following the ASTM D178 standards, our range of American switchboard mats is also available in Type I and Type II variants.
Type I ASTM D178 switchboard rubber matting offers only electrical resistance and limited moisture resistance. On the contrary, the type II switchboard mats come with some additional properties. You can choose the combination of properties you want in your Type II switchboard mats.
Take a look at this table for a better understanding of the differences between Type I and Type II ASTM D178 rubber matting :

Electrical Safetyyesyes
Moisture Absorptionyesyes
Ozone Resistance (Type IIA)noyes
Flame Resistance (Type IIB)noyes
Oil Resistance (Type IIC)noyes

Picture of Duratuf Switchboard Mats ASTM-D-178, Type-1, Class-0, in black colour
Duratuf Switchboard Mats with ASTM D178 Marking
Picture of Duratuf Switchboard Mats ASTM-D-178 with fine-ribbed design in black colour

Overview: Duratuf Switchboard Mats

Duratuf Switchboard Mats are highly electrical resistant and non-conductive in nature. Hence, these electrical safety mats insulate the operators, electricians, and the workmen from any electrical shock originated by high voltage electrical equipment. These switchboard rubber matting are manufactured according to the ASTM D178 standard which is set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

We are a popular and global electrical switchboard mat supplier and exporter. The thickness recommended by the ASTM D178 standard is usually between 3.2mm to 12.7 mm. The thickness depends upon the working/use voltage resistance of these electrical rubber mats. We offer corrugated switchboard matting in fine ribbed top design as well as anti-skid textured on the upper surface and textured lower surface.

Switchboard mats (Type-I grade) are moisture and water resistant that guarantees a long shelf life. Type-II grade switchboard rubber mats offer some additional properties like a flame, ozone, and oil resistance. Duratuf provides the manufacturer’s test certificate while supplying the electrical safety mats. Besides the individual properties, customizations like cut lengths, colours, and custom shapes are also available upon request.

FAQ’s: Duratuf Switchboard Mats

We at Duratuf offer the largest variety of electrical rubber matting under one roof. We deliver unparalleled quality and innovation with a client-first approach for Rubber Mats for Electrical Panels. And, all these comes to you with at extremely competitive prices.

Here is a complete overview of Duratuf’s ASTM D 178 Switchboard Matting.

Our ASTM D178 Electrical Insulating Mats are supplied to all major countries across the five continents. You can order through our wide dealer and reseller network or fill up the query form on our website or call us directly and we will send you a quick and customised quote.

When it comes to choosing between Type I and Type II-ABC Electrical Safety Mats, you need to first understand your needs. The Type I switchboard mats are suitable for buyers looking at electrical and moisture resistance. Type II-ABC on the other hand comes with all the features of Type I mats plus extra features such as A – Ozone Resistance, B – Flame Resistance and C – Oil Resistance. Moreover, Type II mats can also be customised for the combination of all three or individual properties as well.

The pricing of the ASTM D178 Rubber Mats depends on the working voltage, thickness, size, type and design. You can request a quick quote with your specifications, and we will send you’re the pricings created only for you.

The other types of switchboard mattings available at Duratuf are the popular IEC 61111:2009 Electrical Rubber Mats & the AS/NZS 2978:1995 Electrical Safety Mats. We also supply the X-Volt Insulating Mats as per IS 15652 which is very popular in India.

For domestic orders the minimum order quantity begins at 10 Sq. Mtr. And, for international orders the minimum order quantity begins at 100 Sq. Mtr.

Do you have a question but can’t find it above? Visit our FAQ Section or just contact us directly and our customer care team is trained to get your questions answered immediately.

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Industrial Applications of the ASTM D178 Switchboard Mats

Electricity powers various machines and lighting systems in a factory. Bigger industrial setups require higher voltage. This voltage is often more than the requirements of a residential place. Thus, the risk of electricity-related accidents is also more here.
The workers in charge of maintaining or operating these high-volt machinery are primarily exposed to electricity-related dangers.
Hence, various labor organizations have mandated the use of voltage-resistant mats for workplace safety. Nonetheless, apart from the factories, you can use the electrical safety mats in commercial and residential locations where there are electrical installations present.

These are the main application areas of the ASTM D178 switchboard mats:

  • Data Centers (UPS Rooms, Telecommunication Rooms, Generator Rooms etc)

  • High Voltage Rooms (Testing Labs, Switchgear Room, Control Rooms etc)

  • Transformer Stations (Cable Trenches, Busbar Areas, Switching Areas, etc)

  • Power Plants (Generator and Turbine Areas, Transformer Yards, etc)

  • Railway Electrification Systems (Signal Equipment Rooms, Overhead Equipment (OHE) Maintenance Depots etc)

  • Electrical Substations (Substation Control Rooms, Switchyards, etc)

  • Battery Rooms (Battery Storage Racks, Battery Charging Stations, etc)

  • Electrical Laboratories (Circuit Testing Zones, Equipment Testing Zones, etc)

  • Switchgear Rooms (Distribution Boards, Circuit Breaker Panels etc)

  • Control Panels (Electrical Cabinets, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Cabinets, etc)

Fine Ribbed Electrical Mat

Expert Recommendations for Storing ASTM D178 Rubber Matting

Type I switchboard mats are not resistant to UV, Ozone, or chemicals while the Type II variants are. Thus, it is crucial to keep this difference in mind.
Businesses worldwide rely on our premium quality products and choose us as one of the most trusted electrical rubber mat suppliers near them. The experience of our specialist team is the reason behind this.
Since we work with diverse industrial setups, we can provide you with the right guide to storing the switchboard mats properly. The users find this guide helpful when they plan to buy the ASTM D178 mats in bulk for future use:
Store ASTM D178 rubber matting in a clean and dry environment. Ensure they are away from sharp objects. Let them stay in their packages in rolls or lay them flat.
However, we advise you to not fold them. Choose a cool, well-ventilated area for storage. The place should be away from direct sunlight, steam pipes, radiators, ozone-generating substances, and any artificial light source.
Keep in mind that warranty coverage starts from the day you buy the electrical safety mats. You should not store them for 6 months (maximum). Along with reduced warranty coverage, they may also not stay completely functional, if you do not utilize it within the given timeframe.

What are the benefits of using Duratuf ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting?

  • Longer Life Compared To The Cheaper ‘Economical Grade’ Rubber Used By Most Manufacturers To Cut Cost
  • Buyers Know That They Are Investing In A ‘Genuine Product’ Not Any ‘Non-Certified Duplicate Insulating Mats
  • 12 Months Warranty- can be extended
  • Lasts For A Minimum Of 5-6 Years with proper maintenance

Special Features of ASTM-D178 Switchboards Mats

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Technical Specifications of the ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting

Material CompositionMade of elastomer or combination of elastomeric compound
Tensile Strength (min)4.83 MPa (700 psi)
Elongation at Break (min)250%
Ageing Properties at 70±1°C for 168 hours.Tensile strength not less than 50% of original value
Moisture Absorption (% increase)1.5% (max)3% (max)
Ozone Resistance (Type IIA)N.A.No visible effect
Flame Resistance (Type IIB)N.A.12.7 mm height max. after 30 secs
Oil Resistance (Type IIC)N.A.4% max volume increase
* Unless specified otherwise, ASTM D178 mats is supplied as per Type I grade. Type II grade (A-Ozone Resistance, B-Flame Resistance, C-Oil Resistance) with a combination of all three or individual properties is also availble on request.
Note: Tolerance ± 0.8 - 1.2mm on thickness & ± 13-25mm on width (subject to mat's class and width)

Maximum Voltage of the ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting

Product Code ClassTypeMax Use VoltageAC Proof VoltageDielectric VoltageRecommended Thickness
IM-ASTM-C0T1011.0 kV5.0 kV6.0 kV3.2 mm (0.13 in)
IM-ASTM-C0T2021.0 kV5.0 kV6.0 kV3.2 mm (0.13 in)
IM-ASTM-C1T1117.5 kV10.0 kV20.0 kV4.8 mm (0.19 in)
IM-ASTM-C1T2127.5 kV10.0 kV20.0 kV4.8 mm (0.19 in)
IM-ASTM-C2T12117.0 kV20.0 kV30.0 kV6.4 mm (0.25 in)
IM-ASTM-C2T22217.0 kV20.0 kV30.0 kV6.4 mm (0.25 in)
IM-ASTM-C3T13126.5 kV30.0 kV40.0 kV9.5 mm (0.38 in)
IM-ASTM-C3T23226.5 kV30.0 kV40.0 kV9.5 mm (0.38 in)
IM-ASTM-C4T14136.0 kV40.0 kV50.0 kV12.7 mm (0.50 in)

Stock Roll Sizes of the ASTM D178 Switchboard Matting

Product Code (SKU)ClassTypeColourAnti-Skid DesignThicknessWidthLengthWeight/Roll
IM-ASTM-C0T1-BLAFT-3.2MM01BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured3.2 mm (0.13 in)1 m10 m42 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C0T2-BLAFT-3.2MM02BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured3.2 mm (0.13 in)1 m10 m42 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C1T1-BLAFT-4.8MM11BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured4.8 mm (0.19 in)1 m10 m68 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C1T2-BLAFT-4.8MM12BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured4.8 mm (0.19 in)1 m10 m68 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C2T1-BLAFT-6.4MM21BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured6.4 mm (0.25 in)1 m10 m92 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C2T2-BLAFT-6.4MM22BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured6.4 mm (0.25 in)1 m10 m92 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C3T1-BLAFT-9.5MM31BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured9.5 mm (0.38 in)1 m10 m140 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C3T2-BLAFT-9.5MM32BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured9.5 mm (0.38 in)1 m10 m140 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C4T1-BLAFT-12.7MM41BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured12.7 mm (0.50 in)1 m10 m190 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C4T2-BLAFT-12.7MM42BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured12.7 mm (0.50 in)1 m10 m190 Kg(s)

Customize Your ASTM D178 Mat

WidthMax Width upto 1220 mm (48 in)
LengthMax Length upto 30 m (100 ft) for below 6.4 mm thickness & Max Length upto 15 m (50 ft) for above 6.4 mm thickness
ColorDark Grey or any other colour subject to techno-commercial feasibility
Anti-skid DesignAlso available in both side texture design in all classes & types

FAQ’s: Duratuf Switchboard Mats

A switchboard mat, also known as an electrical safety mat is a type of rubber mat. Fused with several compounds, the switchboard mats offer electrical safety. It also helps you stay compliant with the workplace safety standards, especially laid out by the OSHA.
The switchboard matting is tested as per the ASTM standards. They are available in class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4. You can refer to our technical datasheet for details or directly contact us.

Whether you are inquiring about the ASTM D178 dielectric mat or need a quote right away, our experts will need these details:

  • Type: Whether you need Type I or Type II ASTM D178 mats.

  • Thickness: An approximate thickness of the electrical safety mat

  • Length and Width of the insulating mats

  • The quantity of switchboard mats you need (in sq m or rolls)

  • Your operating environment

Along with this, please help with the delivery deadlines if you need an immediate delivery.

Our MOQ is 100 sq m (10 rolls). For quantities lesser than 100 sq m,  you can buy from our channel partners. Reach out to us for our channel partner details.

However, if you want to get the BEST BULK ORDER RATES, the MOQ is 300 sq m. Please speak with our experts for a better idea.

While both the IEC 61111 and ASTM D178 electrical safety mats serve the same purpose, they are not the same. We have highlighted the differences for you in this table:



IEC Insulating Mats

ASTM D178 Insulating Mats


IEC 61111




Rubber compounds

Testing Method

IEC 61111 standard

ASTM D178 standard


Only 1 type

Available in Type I & Type II (ABC)


Generally lower in thickness but higher thickness also available

Generally higher in thickness

Color Marking

Various colors for identification

Usually white color labels are used

Usage Guidelines

Generally preferred for global use

Preferred for equipments following American Standards


Generally lower in overall costing

Costlier due to higher thickness


Reach out to our experts if you are still confused. Contact us today!

Yes, we offer product customizations like:

  • Thickness: Specific thickness requirements beyond standard options.

  • Dimensions: Custom lengths and widths to fit specific areas.

  • Color: Various color options to suit different applications or aesthetic preferences.

  • Dielectric Strength: Adjustments to meet specific electrical insulation needs.

  • Surface Texture: Different textures for improved grip or specific environmental conditions.

  • Environmental Resistance: Enhanced properties for resistance to chemicals, UV, ozone, or extreme temperatures.

However, customizations are subject to our overall capabilities. Therefore, it is best to consult our experts once, before you decide anything.

Yes, our ASTM D178 electrical rubber mats are covered by 12 months of warranty. But it can be extended.
Call, mail, WhatsApp, or chat with us for more details.

Duratuf’s ASTM D178 insulating mats are packaged in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) roll packs for top protection and easy handling. This ensures the mats stay intact during storage and transport.
Each pack includes a QR code for instant customer feedback. Scan the code, share your thoughts, and help us improve. It’s convenient and shows our commitment to excellence.
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We have a local presence in the UAE. We have a warehouse and office in Ajman Free Zone (UAE) and we are extending to Australia and the USA soon. Nevertheless, we have channel partners all over the world.
We usually maintain a ready stock at our warehouse in UAE and 6 warehouses in India. Hence, you can expect a delivery within 3-4 weeks for a standard product. In case of a larger size or a customized order, please discuss with our experts for a timeline.

At Duratuf, we do not promise you the lowest rates. Instead, we vouch for the quality of our electrical switchboard matting range. Each of the rolls is stringently tested. We provide all the relevant documents even without following up repetitively.
If you want longer relief and want to reduce maintenance costs, choose our products.
Ask our specialists for buying advice!

If you have a question and it is not listed above, you can visit our detailed FAQ Section on our homepage or connect with us directly for any assistance. Our customer care team shall be happy to help you.

Our Insulating mats are available in 52+ countries. Some of the countries are mentions below:

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Want to know more about ASTM-D-178 Mats?

Our datasheet provides complete information in an easy-to-print/share format.