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Safevolt Insulation Mats (IS 15652:2006)

ISI Marked | BIS Approved | CPRI/ERDA Type Tested | High Voltage Resistant

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Product Overview:

Safevolt Electrical Insulation Mats are used to cover the floor below the control panels for protection from electrical shocks. These high voltage insulating mats are manufactured as per the IS 15652 Standard. These safety mats have a premium anti-skid dotted design and are available in blue and black colour options.

These safety mats are used as Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes for protecting the life of workmen from any leakage of current. These insulation mats are non conductive matting which prevents the flow of electrical energy from the electrical source to the earth through the human body. These Safety Mats bear the ISI marking on every meter of the matting along with the SAFEVOLT Branding.

Safevolt electrical insulation matting are suitable for the premium customers looking for a safety mat with great aesthetics and approvals from third party testing agencies like CPRI & ERDA. The manufacturer’s test certificate is also provided with the supply of all our high voltage insulating mats. For the price sensitive customers we have X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats.



Duratuf Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes are designed under strict in-process quality supervision and as per the BIS Approved latest IS 15652:2006 Standard. Our competitive pricing, ready stock and client-first attitude makes us one of the leading suppliers of Insulation mats in India.

Insulations Mats are safety requirements and coverage which is mandatory by safety authorities in workplaces that involve working on live electrical equipment. It includes the following:

  • The safety mats is placed in front of the HT/LT electrical control panels.
  • They are used as electrical safety flooring mats for the entire electrical substation.
  • Insulation mats can also be placed in the transformer, generator & lift rooms.
  • The insulation matting can also be laid in front of electrical switchboards.
  • Electrical floor mat are placed around Buss Bars.
  • Electrical Matting is a must for all outdoor/indoor on-site uses on Live Equipment

We provide the Test Certificate against physical, chemical and electrical properties of the Safevolt Insulating Mats. In addition to this we can also provide the CPRI/ERDA Third Party Type Test Certificates on request for these high voltage insulating mats.

Safevolt is designed as a high-quality electrical matting with a premium dotted surface finish, extended durability with CPRI/ERDA testing that exceeds usual standard requirements. X-Volt Insulating Mats are meant for the cost conscious customers who are looking for a low cost solution meeting the requirements of the IS 15652 Standard.

We at Duratuf ensure Quality of the Electrical Mats through constant in-process quality checks. We also use modern plant and machinery and test equipment that are designed to meet all the requirements of the IS 15652 Standard.

If you are ordering the Insulation Mats within India, then the minimum order quantity is 10 sq. Mtr. And, if you are ordering from outside India the minimum order quantity is 100 Sq. Mtr.

If you don’t find a question you have above, you can visit our detailed FAQ Section on our homepage or connect with us directly for any assistance. Our customer care team shall be happy to help you.

Safevolt Insulation Mats (Blue Colour)Safevolt Insulation Mats (Black Colour)
Safevolt ISI Marking Blue Colour Close View

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Special Features of Safevolt Insulating Mats

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Technical Information

Product CodeClassThicknessWorking VoltageAC Proof VoltageDi-electric Strength
Weight per m2
ISI 001A2.0 mm3.3 KV10.0 KV30.0 KV3.2 Kgs
ISI 002B2.5 mm11.0 KV22.0 KV45.0 KV4.0 Kgs
ISI 003C3.0 mm33.0 KV36.0 KV65.0 KV4.8 Kgs
Material CompositionElastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of pvc and synthetic rubber polymers.
Antiskid DesignPremium Dotted
Tensile strength (T.S.)15N/mm2 (min.)
Elongation at Break (E.B.)250% (min.)
Leakage Current10 mA (max.)
Insulation Resistance with Water when tested at 500V1,00,000 MΩ (min.)
Flame RetardanceExtinguishes within 5 secs (max.)
Ageing Properties at 70±1°C for 168 hours.T.S. & E.B. not less than 75% of original value.
Acid, Alkali & Oil ResistanceT.S. & E.B. not less than 80% of original value.
Working Temperature-10°C to 55°C
Standard Size1) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 20.0 Mtr. Long. for 2.0mm & 2.5mm.
2) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 10.0 Mtr. Long. for 3.0mm.
Custom Size1.0 Mtr. Wide x Length as per customer requirement subject to availability.
Standard ColourBlack & Blue without Metallic Derivatives.
Manufacturing Tolerance±10% on thickness, ±15mm on width & length upto 600mm, and ±20mm for higher.
Fixing at SiteWe undertake fixing at site along with materials subject to min. criteria.

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