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If you have a warehouse/factory/commercial space with power equipment then electrical safety and insulating mats are one of the most important components.

Electrical equipment, cords, and tools are common in every warehouse or factory floor. And, all of these pose a serious threat to life when not handled with safety measures.

Extension cords are an extensively used electrical material. However, when not handled right, they can overheat. That can also cause a fire and electrocution in your commercial area.

Injuries and deaths due to non-compliance with safety regulations land you in severe penalties and jail time. Your company reputation does right out of the window with it too.

This is where you ensure a culture of practicing safety measures among your staff is mandatory.

How Do Electrical Accidents Happen?

If you are working around or with the transmission of high voltage electricity, production or even must handle live electrical equipment, leaving it un-insulated would risk you an electrical hazard.

An un-insulated electrical system would easily blow up to be a major workplace disaster or even a home disaster for you due to short circuits or mishandling.

And, one of the very main reasons why Operational Safety Authorities make insulation mandatory is because of the human cost of such hazards.

Imagine one of your live equipment mal-functioned and the high-voltage traveled from the ground to a task force. Therefore, an electrical wire breaking and exposing workers to live currents is a grave hazard. Your company also be shut down due to lack of safety measures taken.

Let’s not forget you would be paying out millions in insurance and damage claims.

This is where working under safe conditions is an employment right. And, as an employer, you would be doing your business and yourself the biggest favor by insulating your live wires and equipment and floorings. It is a cost-effective and long-term working solution to insure you against electrical hazards.

Different Types of Safety Equipment

There are various safety measures which are laid down for workplaces. Having each one of them in place ensures you are a responsible employer.

Insulating Mats

Surface insulation through electrical insulating mats ensures that your task force would be safe in case of live electrocution. It works as a barrier for the live current to flow through the surface and human beings.


You would be surprised to know what simple rubber gloves do around live equipment. It works as a firm non-conductive protective gear for your task force.

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are one of the most important protective clothing that makes sure your task force is not going to be harmed while working on live equipment. It also works as a very credible grip for your workers.

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Features of Insulation Mats

In terms of occupational and living safety against electrical hzards, installing an insulation mat would be one of your safest bets. Why? To begin with it is a long-term solution to an on-going risk for you. In addition, the below features would help you understand better.


Insulating mats are made up of rubber and some other synthetic insulating polymers to provide best insulating property as well as other important parameters.


High voltage insulating mats provide a grip to the person working on them to reduce the chances of falling on the floor.


If there is one thing you can count on, is that your insulation mats are made to last you a logn time. Having an anti-abrasion feature, insulation mats are a long term solution.

Chemical Resistance

Insulation mats don't just work as an electrocution deterrent but also are oil, chemical, ozone, and water-resistant. You choose the feature you need and order as per that.

Temperature Resistant

Every insulation mat should arrive to you pre-tested for temperature resistance. And, that also makes it a very cost-effective option for live equipment around boilers or other temperature-sensitive areas.


The best feature is the cost-effectiveness to a long-term solution in ensuring occupational/home safety against electrocution. They are affordable and installing them comes to you in a pocket-pinch.

10 Ways to be Safe from Electrical Accidents

We have been in the business of ensuring electrical safety for 10+ years now. With combined industry knowledge, our insulating mat experts have put together the top 10 ways you can keep yourself and your task force safe from electrical hazards.

Correct Grounding

Grounding all your electric equipment will help you avoid sudden electrical shocks.

OSHA Standards

All factories and warehouses must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Associations. Every country has an equivalent of these safety standards to be met. If you are in the Uk then your referred electrical safety rules would be inspected by the HSE.

Excellent Condition

Faulty electrical materials and components are a complete no-no in workplaces. Check them regularly for replacements to ensure safe workplaces.

Zero Water Zone

The basic laws of nature make water the best friend of electricity to cause hazards. Avoid water and wet clothing, person, or leakages in an electrical workplace.

Install Insulation Mats

When it comes to insulating your workplace, nothing does it better than insulation mats. Cover up all your high voltage live wires and power equipment to ensure that your staff is working under the safest conditions.

Safety Drills

One of the best ways to train your staff to maintain safety measures is through mock drills. It makes your staff alert to hazards that are waiting to happen and gives them training on what to do in an emergency.

Equipment and Training

Apart from mock drills, there is an additional mandatory task. That is, you need to ensure that all staff is well trained in handling power equipment. Regular training in equipment handling and comprehensive safety equipment handling training is compulsory in ensuring safe workstations.

Reward Safe Behaviour

People love recognition, and you can ensure that your employees are motivated to always stay focused on safety measures and implementation. Rewarding safe behavior eliminates the chances of electrical accidents.

Be Ready for Extreme Weathers

You can’t predict an accident. But you can be careful. Unplug all electrical equipment in case of thunderstorms. Convective systems are a threat during thunderstorms. You can prevent life-threatening fatalities this way.

Regular Safety Audits

Have professional safety audits of your safety practices. Amend or update any safety measures that you need at all times.

Extra Electrical Safety Tips

Apart from the above safety measures here are a few more tips to help you ensure workplace electrical safety.

  • Use the right cables and couplers for joints

  • Use good connectors

  • Say no to tapped joints

  • Avoid overloading sockets with multiple adaptors

  • Identify power off switches clearly


We all take vitamins to ensure immunity and to prevent unwanted diseases. We are also all vaccinated, right? Electrical safety is somewhat like prevention methods and insulating mats are like vaccinations that help us be safer.

We at Duratuf Products are committed to the endeavour to promote work station electrical safety. We produce premium grade insulating mats to ensure you get total coverage cost-effectively. Connect with us for any queries on electrical safety and protection gears against electrical hazards.