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Electrical Rubber Mats (IS 5424:1969)

Economical Grade | High Voltage Resistant | Checkered Design | General Puprose

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Product Overview:

Duratuf Electrical rubber mats are used to protect the workmen against any electrically hazardous situation. These insulated rubber mats are personal protective gear for electricians, engineers, and workers in industrial sectors. Electrical rubber mats are popular among industrial users because of it’s highly economical and easy to use features. Duratuf is a household name for industries to get unparalleled quality rubber mat for electrical panels.

Duratuf Rubber Mats are preferred by clients for quality and durability. It is manufactured with natural rubber and is highly electrically resistant. Due to its high mechanical properties it is also popularly used as rubber mats for LPG loading & unloading purpose. The Insulating rubber mats are available in both fluted and checkered design and standard sizes of 1M x 2M. Their thickness ranges from 6mm to 25mm. The manufacturer’s test certificate is mandatory, and it is provided to our customers along with the supply.

Note: These electrical mats are manufactured as per the old Indian Standard i.e. IS 5424 of 1969. This standard has become obsolete and has already been replaced by IS 15652:2006. We recommend using our X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats or Safevolt Insulation Mats as per the latest standard to get the best electrical protection and safety audit compliances.


You have to ensure that you have electrically insulated gloves and an operator stands on the electrical rubber mat in front of your electrical equipment.

Electrical Rubber Mats are to be used in electrical equipment that has high voltages like:

  • In front of switchboards
  • Around machine-controlled gear
  • In Lift Control rooms
  • In-Plant Rooms
  • As portable protection gear for people working on live equipment

IS 5424 is the old standard for Rubber Mats for Electrical Purposes which has been superceded by IS 15652:2006 Standard for Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes. The major highlights of the IS 15652 Standard vis-a-vis IS 5424 is it has standardised mat thickness according to working voltage and also provided for additional features such as acid, alkali, oil and fire resistance.

Here is why Nobody talks about IS 5424 Anymore.

Yes you can still buy & use the old standard Electrical Rubber Mats for electrical safety. However, it may not be acceptable to the safety audit agencies. We recommend to buy the IS 15652 Standard X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats or Safevolt Insulation Mats to be 100% tension free.

We ensure that you get the best and most affordable electrical rubber mats prices with us. In case you are getting a better offer, please get in touch with us.

Because at Duratuf we offer unhindered durability in terms of quality electrical mats and it comes to you at the best prices in the market. We commit to absolute after-sales service too. In short, it means a peace of mind buying experience.

If you don’t find the question you are looking for listed above please check out our FAQ Section or feel to connect with us and our customer care team will be happy to help you.

Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mat (IS 5424:1969) Black ColourDuratuf Electrical Rubber Mat (IS 5424:1969) Red ColourDuratuf Electrical Rubber Mat (IS 5424:1969) Black Colour Full View

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Special Features of Checkered Electrical Rubber Mats

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Technical Information

Product CodeThicknessRecommended UseAC Proof VoltageDi-electric Strength
Weight per m2
RM 0016.0 mm (1/4")0.4 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV10.0 Kgs
RM 0028.0 mm (5/16")1.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV13.0 Kgs
RM 00310.0 mm (3/8")7.5 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV17.0 Kgs
RM 00412.0 mm (1/2")11.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV20.0 Kgs
RM 00516.0 mm (5/8")17.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV27.0 Kgs
RM 00619.0 mm (3/4")22.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV32.0 Kgs
RM 00725.0 mm (1")33.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV42.0 Kgs
Upto 50.0 mmUpto 33.0 KV15.0 KV40.0 KV-
Material CompositionSpecial rubber compound of high quality natural rubber free from any insertion.
Antiskid DesignAntiskid Checkered Design on Top (Square profile) with Smooth Bottom.
Tensile strength (T.S.)50 Kg/cm2 (min.)
Elongation at Break (E.B.)250% (min.)
Leakage Current10 mA (max.)
Water Absorption4% (max.)
Compression Set10% (max.)
Ageing Properties at 70±1°C for 168 hours.a) T.S.: ±10% - 25% change (max.)
b) E.B.: ±10% - 25% change (max.)
Working Temperature0°C to 55°C
Standard Size1) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 2.0 Mtr. Long.
2) 3.0 Ft. Wide x 6.0 Ft. Long.
Custom SizeMax. width upto 1.2 Mtr. & length upto 2.4 Mtr. available.
Standard ColourBlack (Red & other colours available on request subject to availability.)
Manufacturing Tolerance±10% on thickness, ±5% on length, ±2% on width.

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