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Insulating mats or rubber mats falls under the category of electrical safety products. These electrical mats are used as floor coverings in areas of high voltage applications for the safety of the workers from electrical shocks generally caused due to leakage of electric current.

The electrical insulation safety floor mats or the shockproof rubber mat protects the workers in case of accidental leakage of current while working on electrical equipment. The insulation mats provide the technicians with added safety and comfort increasing their productivity.

The use of electrical insulating mats not only safeguards the life of your workers but is also a mandatory requirement by various Safety Audit Agencies and is recommended for use by the international organization such as IEC & ASTM.

  1. The rubber mats can be placed in front of the HT/LT electrical control panels.
  2. They are used as electrical safety flooring mats for the entire electrical substation.
  3. Insulation mats can also be placed in the transformer, generator & lift rooms.
  4. The insulation rubber matting can also be laid in front of electrical switchboards.
  5. Electrical floor mat is placed around Buss Bars.
  6. Rubber Matting is a must for all outdoor/indoor on-site uses on Live Equipment

We are the leading insulating mat manufacturer with thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe. Our website provides complete information for buying electrical rubber mat. We supply both the latest electrical rubber matting as per IEC 61111:2009, and the popular electrical insulation mats as per ASTM D 178 standard. We have very short lead time for supply of even large quantity of electrical insulating mats and can supply these electrical rubber mats anywhere in the world.

The most popular and bestselling insulation mats in the global markets are the Electrical Insulating Mats as per IEC 61111. They are approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an International organization publishing electrical standards. They have a lower recommended thickness (2mm to 4mm) but can be provided in higher thickness also. They are one of the most ideal type of insulating mats to buy.

However, if cost is a major concern then one can also opt for the Type – I Safety Rubber Mats as per the ASTM D 178 Standard which have a relatively higher thickness (3.2mm to 12.7mm) and also last longer. However, if you want additional properties such as ozone, flame and oil resistance then you shall have to opt for the Type – II ABC type switchboard matting. All of the above shock proof mats are acceptable to most government & safety audit agencies.

Electrical Safety Mat
Our Range Of Insulating Mats
Insulation Matting (ASTM-D-178)
Electrical Safety Rubber Mats as per ASTM D 178

The electrical insulating rubber mats are manufactured as per the ASTM D 178 standard of 2010. These safety rubber mats have a textured anti-skid surface and are usually available in black color. They have two types – the cheaper Type I which is intended only for basic electrical protection and the superior Type II-ABC electrical safety matting which is resistant to ozone, flame & oil. They have a relatively higher thickness (usually 3.2mm to 12.7mm) than IEC Insulating Mats providing them with a longer life span. The Type-I ASTM rubber mats can also be used as general purpose rubber matting.

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Insulation Mats (IEC 61111:2009)
Electrical Insulation Mats as per IEC 61111:2009

These electrical mats are manufactured as per the latest IEC 61111:2009 standard. They are manufactured using special synthetic elastomer having an anti-skid textured design on the top to avoid slippage. Black is the standard color option however other colors are also available. These electrical safety mats have a lower thickness (usually 2mm to 4mm) and are much more cost effective compared to rubber mats as per ASTM D 178. These shock proof mats also offer many additional features like oil, acid, flame, and low temperature resistance.

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Special Features of our Electrical Mats
  • Multiple colour options to suit your aesthetic needs

    Black is the most preferred color. Other colors are also available subject to MOQ.

  • Different shape, size and thickness

    The electrical insulating mats are available in different thickness depending upon the working/use voltage. Our standard width & length is 1M x 10M. However, we can customize thickness & sizes according to customer requirement.

  • Chemical & Flame Retardant

    These anti-skid safety mats are resistant to acids, oil, water & flame making it suitable for all kinds of floor area application.

  • Test certificates available

    Third Party Type Test Certificate is available on request. Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided at the time of supply of insulation mats.

  • No worry for safety audit issues

    We take into consideration all safety testing approvals and procedures and provide you the best shock proof mats approved by all major safety audit agencies.

  • Get the price list immediately to compare

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