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Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats

(As per IEC 61111:2009 & ASTM D178)

Introducing Duratuf Insulating Rubber Matting which is highly electrical resistant and non-conductive in nature. Being non-conductive; these electrical insulation mats protect the electricians, workmen, and operators from any disastrous shocks originating from the high voltage electrical equipment. As they are used in front of switchboards and control panels, they are also often referred to as Switchboard Matting.

Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats are moisture and water-resistant that guarantees long functional life. Besides, these high voltage insulating mats are also acid, oil, and fire-retardant. The manufacturer’s test certificate is always provided with electrical insulating mats at the delivery time. It is to be noted that colours, cut lengths, and custom shapes are available upon request.

Duratuf is a global high-quality electrical insulation mats supplier and exporter used to protect the operators while they work on electrical installations. Our Electrical Insulating Mats are being used in more than 35+ different countries. These electrical rubber mats are manufactured according to two different International Standards:

  • IEC 61111:2009 standard set by the International Electro-Technical Commission
  • ASTM D178 standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials

Our Electrical Insulation Mats Range

We recommend the insulating mats as per IEC 61111 ranging from 2mm to 4mm thickness with anti-skid textured on both the bottom and top surfaces. However, insulating mats in higher thicknesses can also be customized depending upon the working voltage resistance required.

We also provide electrical insulation mats with a fine-ribbed design that comes in a minimum 3mm thickness for up to Class 0 to 2 and in 4.5~5mm thickness for Class 3-4. If you require in higher thickness, we can also customize the same for you in black and grey colour.

The thickness recommended by the ASTM D178 standard is usually 3.2mm to 12.7 mm. The thickness depends upon the working/use voltage resistance of the electrical rubber mats. Electrical rubber mats (Type-I grade) are moisture and water-resistant. Our standard antiskid design is both side textured surfaces.

Type-II grade insulating rubber mats offer some additional properties like flame, ozone, and oil resistance on both sides of antiskid textured surfaces. It can also be customized with individual properties or a combination of properties.

We offer the switchboard matting in fine ribbed top surface design and bottom textured surface. These switchboard matting can be manufactured in both Type I & Type II-ABC ASTM D178 standard.

Product Code (SKU)ClassMax Use VoltageAC Proof VoltageWithstand VoltageMax Thickness AllowedRecommended Thickness
IM-IEC-C001.0 KV5.0 KV10.0 KV6.0mm2.0 mm
IM-IEC-C117.5 KV10.0 KV20.0 KV6.0mm2.0 mm
IM-IEC-C2217.0 KV20.0 KV30.0 KV8.0mm3.0 mm
IM-IEC-C3326.5 KV30.0 KV40.0 KV11.0 mm4.0 mm
IM-IEC-C4436.0 KV40.0 KV50.0 KV14.0 mm5.0 mm
Material CompositionElastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of natural rubber and other synthetic polymers.
Mechanical Puncture Resistance (min)
70 N
Slip Resistance (min)50 N
Ageing Properties at 70±2°C for 168 hoursMechanical Puncture Resistance not less than 80% of original value
Flame RetardanceDoes not catch fire
Low Temperature Test at - 25±3°CNo visible tear, cracks or breaks
Acid ResistanceMechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value
Oil ResistanceMechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value
Working Temperature-25°C to 55°C
Tolerance Limit:± 10% on thickness, ± 2% on length & width
ThicknessThickness can be customised for different classes upto 14 mm as per customer's requirement
WidthMax. width upto 1220 mm (4 ft)
LengthMax. length upto 15 m (50 ft)
ColorDark Grey or any other colour subject to techno-commercial feasibility
Anti-skid DesignAlso available in Top & Bottom side texture design in all classes
Product Code (SKU)ClassTypeColourAnti-Skid DesignThicknessWidthLengthWeight/Roll
IM-ASTM-C0T1-BLAFT-3.2MM01BlackTop - Fine Ribbed Bottom - Textured3.2 mm
(0.13 in)
1 m10 m42 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C1T1-BLAFT-4.8MM114.8 mm
(0.19 in)
68 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C2T1-BLAFT-6.4MM216.4 mm
(0.25 in)
92 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C3T1-BLAFT-9.5MM319.5 mm
(0.38 in)
140 Kg(s)
IM-ASTM-C4T1-BLAFT-12.7MM4112.7 mm
(0.50 in)
190 Kg(s)
Material CompositionElastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of natural rubber and other synthetic polymers.
Antiskid DesignOur standard design is both side antiskid textured surface finish. However, top side fine ribbed design is also available on request.
Tensile strength (T.S.)4.83 Mpa (min.)
Elongation at Break (E.B.)250% (min.)
Ageing Properties at 70±1°C for 168 hours.Tensile strength not less than 50% of original value.
Moisture Absorption1.5% (max.)3.0% (max.)
Ozone Resistance (Type IIA)N.A.No visible effect.
Flame Resistance (Type IIB)N.A.12.7 mm height max. after 30 secs.
Oil Resistance (Type IIC)N.A.4% max. volume increase.
WidthMax Width upto 1220 mm (48 in)
LengthMax Length upto 30 m (100 ft) for below 6.4 mm thickness & Max Length upto 15 m (50 ft) for above 6.4 mm thickness
ColorDark Grey or any other colour subject to techno-commercial feasibility
Anti-skid DesignAlso available in both side texture design in all classes & types

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We are the leading insulating mat supplier with thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe. Our website provides complete information for buying electrical rubber mats. We supply both the latest Electrical Insulation Mats as per IEC 61111, and the electrical rubber switchboard matting as per ASTM D178 Standard. We have ready stock of a large quantity of electrical insulating mats and can supply these electrical rubber mats anywhere in the world.

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We ensure delivery on committed time by maintaining a large inventory & short production lead times.

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Our team is committed to round the clock customer care to ensure fast resolutions to all queries.

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Mr. Vikash has been our key contact at Duratuf. He made the whole process of ordering, selection and delivery seamless for us. Quality products & excellent customer service. Highly recommended for all.

Daniel Kirkman, Our Happy Customer

Unlike many manufacturing companies that go through a lag time, Duratuf Products has outdone themselves in terms of the prompt delivery of their electrical rubber mats and their customer service. Very satisfied with their products.

Amanda Brown, Our Netherland Customer

We have purchased insulating mats from Duratuf because of their high quality. I appreciate Mr. Samsul Haque sir as he handled all the specifics, such as dispatch and product quality. Everything is flawless both before and after delivery. Mr. Debapriyo Nandi, logistic Coordinator assists for transportation & excellent packing quality. Further, we appreciate that maximum material has been delivered before the committed time.

Ajinkya Vartak, Google Review

We are impressed with Duratuf’s product quality, manufacturing lead times, & customer support. Representatives, has been patient & helpful in addressing our needs. We would highly recommend Duratuf.

Alfonso Meneses, Google Review

Insulated mat from Duratuf Products are not like other common commercial rubber mats. Easy to use, flexible, durable and the best quality at affordable price. I strongly recommended these to ensure the safety of workplace.

Bruce Budden, Google Review
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We are distributor of Duratuf Insulating Mats & Rubbed Sheets in Kuwait for more than 4 years now. One of the best parts of doing business with Duratuf is their on-time delivery and emphasis on product quality.

Paul Mathew, Our Kuwait Distributor

I am a regular buyer of Duratuff Eletrical insulating Rubber mats. My review regarding quality of the product and their services are excellent.
When you serve the customer better, they always return on your investment.
A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you.

Mr. Jiju Raj, Regular Buyer from U.A.E

Best choice for ensuring safety, quality and durability,
genuinely recommended.

Mr. Renil Peter, Regular Buyer from Kuwait

Best choice for ensuring safety, quality and durability,
genuinely recommended.

Mr. Renil Peter, Regular Buyer from Kuwait

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