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Did you know that Insulating mats are a mandatory installment near live equipment? These days with the increase in the number of industries and factories, safety equipment that is necessary for running your factory. One such piece of equipment is -electrical insulating mats that keep your assets and manpower safe.

Where are Electrical Insulating Mats Used?

Electrical insulating mats are used in industries for maintaining the safety of both small and large-scale businesses. The main purpose of you using insulating mats is to make sure that your workers are safe.

Electrical rubber mat manufacturers use synthetic polymers. You install these mats by spreading them on the floor specifically in front of an electrical machine. You can also paste them on the floor.

In fact, just imagine having a massive commercial space with live equipment. And, without insulation, you are not just risking the damage of your assets in case of an electrical hazard. Moreover, exposing your live operators to electrical fatalities.

In both cases, your business can be shut down due to the lack of worker safety practices.

Your employees who work with electrical instruments are prone to many hazards. And, you will find that using rubber mats for electrical purposes is a common industry practice.

In most industries, electrical safety is a priority for businesses. Electrical insulation is thus used in all industries regardless of its type and kind. We cannot deny the fact that electrical equipment is becoming complex with each passing day. Therefore the same amount of importance must be given to protecting the operator and the machine as well.

Because of its advantage and variety of uses, electrical insulating mats are an important resource for every industry these days. You will get many insulating mats to choose from, for instance, high voltage insulating mats are used for their amazing aging characteristics. They are having high insulation and low-temperature resistance.

You electrical safety mats must be of high quality and eco-friendly as well. They must have qualities like:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • A varied range of colours
  • Durability
  • Ease of washing

Now that you know the importance of installing this life-saving material in your factory, why wait any more? By installing these mats you can save the lives of many of your loved ones, close friends, family members, or workmen. Contact a manufacturer of the electrical insulating mat and get rid of the fear of any electrical hazards.

Here is a handbook on electrical safety practices in commercial spaces by OSHA.

Final Thought

If you are looking for 100% complied electrical insulating mats then the Duratuf commitment to quality will not disappoint you. We provide test certificates and warranties with all our electrical rubber mats. Even though your country standard determines the kind of certification you need for your insulating mats.

However, here are the most commonly used insulating mats that manufacture at Duratuf.

  1. IEC61111:2009 ( Globally applied )
  2. ASTM-D-178 ( United States & North America )
  3. AS/NZS 2978:1995 ( Australia and New Zealand )
  4. IS 15652:2006 ( India )
  5. IS 5424:1969 (India )

All you have to do is call +91-8088877444 and tell us where will you be placing your electrical rubber mats, what your highest voltage required, and the sizes and shape.

We believe in absolute customization for our clients. You can also e-mail us at inquiry@duratufproducts.com. And, to learn more about our full range of industrial rubber products visit Duratuf Products Private Limited.