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IEC61111 is the standard stipulated for electrical safety flooring standards in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East too.

Electrical Insulation Rubber Safety Floor mattings are specific kinds of rubber and non-conductive flooring options for operators working on live equipment. Electrical safety flooring is installed in workplaces operating high-voltage equipment such as transformers, generators, control panels, and others.

In fact, most workplaces have heavy electrical work and devices set up. Any minor faults in the circuits due to short circuits, leakage current, or voltage fluctuations, may result in electrocution to the workers. With the help of electrical rubber mats, you can insulate your workplace and provide safety to the workers from electric shocks. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) makes it mandatory to pass safety audits. Having your electrical safety prevention gear is a priority on their list.

How the Long-Standing BS921:1976 was Withdrawn?

Did you know that BS 921:1976 was withdrawn because it conflicted with the now current UK national standard of electrical insulation mats, which is BS EN 61111:2009?

Because of BS EN 61111:2009, the electrical insulation mat must withstand a greatly extended testing regime compared with the old BS 921:1976 standard. So, the change and standard update was heavily necessary.

And, the compliance with BS EN 61111:2009 means that the matting will have a number of benefits over the BS 921: 1976 variety, as it is oil and acid resistant, flame retardant, lighter in weight, and there are a various classes for different voltage applications.

Above all of electrical fatalities are no joke when it comes to safety and occupational health. In addition, the standard upgrade ensures that people update their electrical safety prevention methods and gear.

Why Do You Need IEC61111?

We can't stress enough how important it is for workplaces to install electrical insulation mats that prevent electrical fatalities. Similarly, every country's health and safety department has ensured that certain standards are maintained.

All of these standards are set to ensure that workplaces adhere to electrical safety regulations and work towards a safer environment.

One electrical fatality at work can close down an entire business due to its lack of preventive methods. In conclusion, you can only begin to imagine how important such electrical safety prevention steps ensure the longevity of a business in an industry.

So to protect your workers in case of accidental leakage of current while working on electrical equipment, in addition to the technicians' safety; You can count on the maximum productivity of your workforce and workplace.

For instance, the use of electrical insulation mats not only helps keep your workforce safe but it is also a mandatory requirement by national safety audit departments.

That is to say, your business can be fined and penalized for failing to ensure work electrical safety.

Therefore, if you are looking to be productive, ensure workplace safety and survive with a clean chit reputation, installing electrical rubber mats to ensure electrical safety should be first on your list.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and long-term solution to avoiding workplace hazards then this is surely going to be your bet. Duratuf IEC61111 electrical insulating mats come with test certificates and anti-slid properties. In other words, your employees would not be stressing out about working with live equipment.

Working Voltage & Proof Test of Electrical Safety Matting IEC61111

The withstand of voltage testings of electrical insulation mats for electrical safety is applied to each manufacturing batch of switchboard matting. Because it ensures that it does not have an electrical breakdown if/when it is exposed to high voltages.

The proof test of electrical insulating mats is dialectical resistance tests provided by the mat manufacturer on the total running metre of the product. Routinely used to safeguard standard conformity of resistance throughout the entire section, roll, or surface area of the electrical mat –

The proof test must be applied to the insulating mats for a set time at a specified voltage level.

Electrical Insulation Mats IEC61111 are made according to IEC 61111 or BS EN 61111. Used in preventing direct contact with the floors on live types of equipment.

Class of IEC 61111 Proof Test Working Voltage Di-Electric Strength
Class 0 – IEC 001 5kV 1000V 10kV
Class 1 – IEC 002 10kV 7500V 20kV
Class 2 – IEC 003 20kV 17000V 30kV
Class 3 – IEC 004 30kV 26500V 40kV
Class 4 – IEC 005 40kV 36000V 50kV

Electrical Insulation Mats | IEC 61111 | Features

Oil Resistance
Acid Resistance
Flame Retardancy
Cost Effective

Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Rubber Mats | FAQ

Why Buy Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Rubber Mats?

Duratuf manufactures IEC61111 Electrical Insulation Mats on modern and the most updated standard requirement for global usage. With Sophisticated plant and machinery, we subject every order and dispatch of IEC61111 electrical rubber mats with strict in-process quality checks.

This ensures a consistent quality, durability and the promise of unparalled service.

Wer also provide absolute control over client customization. tell us the order quantity, your working voltage and the shapes, sizes and color you need.

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