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Did you that the worldwide statistics on electrical accidents keep increasing every year? Anybody working near or with electrical appliances needs to be aware of the protection standards. Electrical Insulation Mats provide you 100% protection against electrical hazards.

It is also a standard protection practice for all industries.

One of the basic reasons why industries with power equipment insulate their workplaces is due to safety requirements.

In fact. Many companies have been forced to shut down after the assassination of their reputation due to their lack of safety measures.

The last thing you as an employer would need is bad publicity because you didn’t adhere to safety measures. Industries even require proper insulation to just be able to start their businesses. In fact, in terms of switchboard matting regulations, you need to run electrical safety drills alongside too.

With 10+ years of experience in manufacturing premium, non-conductive safety gears for workplaces; our insulation experts have curated the 8 most important tips to prevent electrical hazards in workplaces.

8 Electrical Hazard Prevention Tips

So, without further delay here are the important steps you should be taking to ensure workplace safety against electrocution. In understanding this crucial need, here is what you should do.

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Importance of Insulation Mats

Electrical insulating mats are mats that are placed near industrial materials for the purpose of safety and security of operators. These are used in both small and large electrical workplaces. These are designed to protect workers from electric shock when working on electrical appliances.

These electrical insulating mats provide protection against earth contact when the current passes from the earth to the ground. Remember, even a little current can be fatal if preventive steps are not taken.

Mandatory Workplace Safety

The last thing as a company or an electrical staff/engineer you need is fatal electrocution. Therefore, Electrical Insulation Mats are not an option anymore. It is a priority in all industries that has wiring and work with electrical power stations/room/equipment.

It is your employee's right to work in safe and work-friendly conditions. And, as an employer, it is your duty to provide safety measurements for your esteemed staff.

The Health and Safety authority also makes it mandatory to install electrical safety mats in order to adhere to basic electrical safety rules in workplaces. Failing to adhere to such measures can result in prosecuting the company and closing it down.

Final Thoughts

We at Duratuf Products provide high-end premium grade insulating mats for the workplace and home use. With all essential standard certification, we ensure that you work safely near power equipment.

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