As industries and workplaces prioritize safety, the demand for a certified electrical rubber mat has surged. An electrical mat plays a crucial role in safeguarding workers from electrical hazards. However, the process of transporting, storing, and installing rubber mat for electrical panel can pose challenges. The initial stage of struggle often leaves the users confused and annoyed.

Moreover, the whole process also seems to be time-taking and lengthy. Especially when you are in a hurry to start a new production facility or replace the older insulating mats before an inspection. Worry not! This blog covers the most frequently asked questions of a rubber insulation mat user:

How To Safely Transport The Electrical Insulating Mats?

How To Store The Insulated Matting If Not Required Immediately?

How To Install The Electrical Insulation Mat Without Compromising Its Efficiency?

What Are The Precautions Needed During Installing A Rubber Insulation Mat?

What Are The Ways To Visually Inspect An Electrical Mat Before Starting To Use It?

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Electrical Rubber Mat Transportation Concerns

How do users ensure the safe transit of insulating mats without compromising their integrity? What are the challenges associated with moving these insulating mats to different job sites or storage facilities?

Yes, transporting an electrical mat requires careful planning to prevent damage. If the transportation is not done in a proper manner, you will be left with a damaged electrical insulation mat- one with folded or warped edges.

Using damaged rubber mat for electrical panel is not safe. Apart from compromising with the protective cover, an electrical rubber mat not fitted well may lead to slips, trips and falls.

If you have to transport the rubber insulation mat, consider the following steps:

Proper Packaging

  • Invest in sturdy rubber insulation mat packaging materials to shield insulating mats from external elements.

  • Use waterproof coverings to protect against moisture during transit of the insulating mats.

Secure Transportation

  • Utilize vehicles with proper securing mechanisms to prevent shifting or sliding during transit.

  • Avoid overloading vehicles to maintain the integrity of an electrical mat roll.


Keep detailed records of the transportation process, including departure and arrival times, to monitor any potential issues.

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Insulated Matting Storage Dilemmas:

It is practical to buy insulating mats in bulk, it reduces the cost significantly. However, the problem arises when you have bought some extra rolls of electrical insulating mats and need to store them for a few months. Do these questions puzzle you?

  • How can users store each electrical mat effectively to prevent damage or degradation?

  • Are there specific environmental conditions that users need to be mindful of during storage?

Storing each electrical insulation mat roll is necessary for maintaining their longevity and effectiveness. Here is the easy way to store a rubber mat for electrical panel:

Climate Considerations

  • Choose a storage area with controlled temperature and humidity to prevent deterioration. The Duratuf product experts suggest a temperature between 10 °C and 21°C.

  • Avoid exposing electrical insulating mats to extreme temperatures, as this can impact their insulating properties. Do not keep them near radiators, steam pipes, direct sunlight or any source of artificial heat.

Flat Storage

  • Store each electrical rubber mat flat to prevent warping or deformation.

  • Ensure that the electrical insulating mats are not subjected to excessive pressure or stacking, which can compromise their structure.

Regular Inspection

  • Implement a routine inspection schedule to identify any signs of wear, tear, or damage in the electrical mat.

  • Address issues promptly to prevent further deterioration during storage. If you are not satisfied with the electrical mat inspection, please connect with our experts. We can guide you.

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Installing the Insulated Matting Near High-Voltage Equipment

Installation Challenges:

What factors contribute to a seamless installation process for insulating mats?

Are there precautions users should take to guarantee optimal performance after installation?

Proper installation is key to maximizing the safety benefits of insulating mats. Nonetheless, installing an electrical rubber mat does not require superior technical understanding.

Follow these steps for a successful rubber mat for electrical panel installation:

Surface Preparation

  • Clean the installation area thoroughly to remove any debris, oil, or contaminants.

  • Ensure a smooth surface to prevent uneven placement of the insulating mats.

Applying the Adhesive

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation procedures.

  • Use electrical rubber mat compatible adhesives to secure the mats according to specifications.

Placing the Insulating Mats

  • Place the electrical insulation mat carefully on the area where you have applied the adhesive.

  • Use a roller to flatten the surface and leave the electrical mat there for a week before you start using them for electrical safety.

What Are The Precautions You Need To Follow During Use?

To guarantee the continued safety of personnel, it is essential to observe precautions during the use of insulating mats:

Inspection Protocol

  • Establish a regular electrical rubber mat inspection routine to check for any signs of wear, damage, or degradation.

  • Replace electrical insulating mats that no longer meet safety standards promptly.

Cleaning Procedures

  • Implement a cleaning regimen to remove dirt, oil, or other contaminants that may compromise the insulating properties.

  • Use mild detergents or recommended cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the mats. If the electrical mat comes in contact with tar or grease, wipe it away immediately.

Training and Awareness

  • Ensure that workers are adequately trained on the proper use and care of an electrical insulation mat.

  • Promote awareness regarding the importance of following safety protocols during mat usage.

Duratuf Goes the Extra Mile for the Customers

Are you thinking why choose Duratuf when there are hundreds of electrical mat suppliers in the industry?

Well, at Duratuf we do not just offer an electrical rubber mat. Our support extends way more than that.

Here is How we Differ From the Others:
  • Guidance From Product Experts:

When you require rubber insulation mat installation help, most suppliers would end their duty by guiding you over a phone call, isn’t it?

Guiding you over a phone call is our LAST RESORT. Headquartered in Kolkata with offices in Delhi NCR and Dubai (UAE), we have 7 warehouses in India and UAE, along with channel partners allover.

Each time you need assistance, first of all we try to appoint one of our experts to visit your premises. The electrical insulation mat expert reaches your location to help you out, especially if it is an electrical mat installation-related matter.

Secondly, we schedule a free virtual consultation to solve your insulated matting related queries.

  • Free Samples for You

How does the Duratuf electrical rubber mat look? Are you thinking this? Well, connect with our experts and get a free sample of our electrical mat. Here are the variants of insulated matting that we offer:

X-VOLT (IS 15652) | IEC 61111 | ASTM D178

  • First Electrical Rubber Mat E-commerce Store

Do you want to try out the efficiency of the Duratuf insulating mats? Most of the electrical mat suppliers in India and abroad do not provide one or two rolls of rubber insulation mat for testing. But we do! We do not have any minimum order quantity of ordering an electrical rubber mat.

Place an order through the Duratuf Store for smaller quantities. Liked the quality? Contact us for quotes.

Why Choose Duratuf?

  • 10,000 sq m ready electrical insulation mat stock

  • Quick delivery from 6 warehouses in India and 1 in UAE

  • Localized supply of insulating mats

  • Electrical Mat Warranty

  • Electrical rubber mat customization facilities

Duratuf Insulating Mats: Trusted By The Best In Business
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Navigating the ins and outs of insulating mats requires careful planning, adherence to guidelines, and continuous maintenance practices. With this knowledge, workplaces can create a secure environment, protecting personnel from potential electrical hazards, and ensuring the longevity of insulating mats in use.
Call us if you are looking for more help.

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