Non-conductive floor mats or electrical insulation mats are essentially utilised for protection from high voltage and electrocution. These types of mats are used widely for industrial purposes. The main purpose of using insulating mats is that they provide insulation for the electrical operators.

Insulating Mats Ensure Worksite Safety:

In electrical workplaces, worksite safety is an important thing. Unless you take precautions, fatal accidents are very normal. Therefore, you need to master electrical safety to avoid unwanted accidents and ensure employee’s safety. Electrical insulating mats are an idea way to master electrical safety in workplaces.

These types of mats provide insulation for the electrical operators and prevent them from being in direct contact with the floor thereby preventing potential electrical shock. Since they come in various sizes and shapes, they suit the requirements in various applications. Another important reason of their popularity is because of their seamlessness. They are easy to install and can easily be used for small-scale workplace where working on electric machineries is involved. They also prevent shock according to its ability to insulate against up to 36,000 volts.

A Great Way to Prevent Electrocution:

One of the most important perils that may seem almost exclusive to electrical industry is electrocution. Although electrocution can potentially occur in any industry, it is the electrical workplaces that experience the most accidents due to electrocution every year. The only way to handle this danger is to use electrical insulating mats. Using insulating mats ensures that accidental electrocutions rarely occur in workplaces.

Types of Insulating Mats:

Insulating mats come in many variants depending upon the various domestic standard such as IS 15652:2006 & IS 5424:1969 or international standards such as IEC 61111:2009, ASTM-D-178 or AS/NZS: 2978:1995. The are also popularly known by different names such as non conductive switchboard matting, rubber mat for electrical purpose, high voltage insulating mats, non-conductive safety mats and others. In most cases, the electrical industry uses a lot of electricity and has its own switchboard. Therefore, it is really important to use insulating mats that are not only non-conductive but have very high dielectric strength.

You can also get some insulating mats that are not only non-conductive but also anti static. These types of anti-stating mats acts a dual purpose of protecting not only the electrical operators working at your workplace but at the same time protects your sensitive electrical equipment.