Wondering how do electrical insulating mats help you and your business? Think of it in this way. When you are talking about the safety of workplaces or homes, the first thing that comes to mind is whether his home or workplace, is properly insulated or not? Because the last thing you need is fatal electrocution.

The idea of safe workplaces and properly insulated areas may sound easy, but it does need premium grade electrical insulating mats. And, alongside technical expertise in installing them. So, if you are looking for India’s no.1 electrical rubber mats suppliers, you would need to know where to begin.

So, we have made the journey easier and we ensure by the end of this article you will know exactly where to get the best insulation mats.

Need for Proper Insulation

One of the most common things on Indian streets and homes are uncovered high-voltage wires, exposed to accidents waiting to occur.

There is an absolute lack of insulation for such wires. And more than often such incapacity of insulation results in accidents that can’t be undone. Such unattended wires are a perfect formula for accidents during thunderstorms too.

If you look at the Indian household, the same lack of insulation is predominant. Making hazards following people around at every minute of the day, waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter whether it is air conditioner connections or even simple cables, all are left without insulation mats.

This is where electrical insulating mats are the only thing that withholds such fatal accidents.

Without Proper Insulation?

It is common knowledge as to what happens to the human body when electrocuted. Did you know that in India 13% of accidental deaths happen due to electrocution?

If I remember correctly, there was a lady working in my dad’s office long back in the ’80s. She had a ninety per cent burn due to an electric shock while cooking on a 1000 watts asbestos electric heater in her home.

In fact, over my years of in the power and energy industry, there are so many electrical accidents that I have seen happen that could have been prevented with something as simple as insulation mats.

That is one of the main reasons what I look for when I join a new power company as work demands me to be around power equipment all day.

Electrical rubber mats and insulation mats play an important role in electrical safety. These Electrical Insulating Mats are built to prevent any electrical hazards and accidents. So, having them installed at your workplace and home cannot just save you hazard costs but the most important thing, lives.

Their physical properties like durability, tensile strength, non- conductivity, resistance make them the most trusted product in terms of safety.

If you were looking to know The Do’s and Don’t for Insulating Mats then you will find this article very useful.

How to Install Duratuf Insulation Mats?

The process of installing insulation mats is easy and anybody can do it if they have a few items. In fact, we at Duratuf also provide installation services with technical expertise.

So, if you are wondering whether you can install insulation mats, then the answer is, yes you can. Here is what you would need.

  • Duratuf Insulation Mats
  • Adhesive (Fevicol SR 998)
  • Roller Weights
  • Brush

Advantages of Insulation

One of the major ideas that drive the necessity for proper insulation is the benefits that follow. Apart from the obvious life-saving criteria, proper insulation come with user-centric benefits.

Think of being able to save thousands of medical bills by installing a cost-effective protective gear for your workplace or home? Moreover, not having to worry about unattended high voltage wires that attach to almost all your appliances.

And, especially if you have pets and children in the house, home insulation is mandatory. You don’t have control over where your child or pet may be playing. But, can make it safer for them.

For workplaces, standard insulation of power equipment is an industry mandatory. Therefore, as an employee who works around transmission switchboards all day, it is your right to have a safe workplace.

For employers, the life of an esteemed staff weighs far more. Spending unprecedented insurance bills is not even a problem. Your company can be forced to shut down due to lack of standard safety measures in the workplace.

The advantages are below –

  • Lightweight insulation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Customized sizes
  • Cost-effective
  • User-centric innovation
  • Aesthetic

Where to Buy Electrical Rubber Mats?

Companies like Duratuf Product based in Kolkata, India has put the technical innovation and years of industry experts together to bring cost-effective insulation mats.

However, safety against electrical hazards is not a choice, but a standard necessity for people. And, this is where Duratuf Products manufactures user-centric customized insulation mats make things easy for you.

Duratuf is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of engineering products and services. Such as, covering mechanical, electrical, civil & material handling applications.

Electrical rubber mats and insulation mats available at Duratuf Product’s are made from high-quality natural rubber and work very effectively as a protection gear against electrical hazards.

I have been an engineer with Duratuf for the last 8 years and all the products at Duratuf are BIS certified and compatible with all Indian and International quality standards.

Installing an electrical safety mat and having your cables and wires insulated is just good sense for protection. For further queries and sales, you can always connect with us.


In the end, proper insulation is an industry workplace standard and is highly recommended as personal protection in homes. Therefore, having a high voltage live wire is just waiting for an accident to happen.

However to talk to electrical insulation experts just call us at +91-8088877444 or leave us an email at inquiry@duratufproducts.com. Alongside, you can also visit and learn more about our entire range of industrial rubber products at Duratuf Products Private Limited.