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If your job is around electrical appliances, there should be insulating mats to protect you from any electrical hazard. It is the responsibility of the employer to look after the safety of the workers. And, high voltage insulating mats are a mandatory installation to ensure workplace safety from electrical accidents.

When it comes to a business that primarily functions around live equipment, the statutory requirement is the safety measures taken to keep the task force safe from hazards.

High Voltage Insulating Mats | DO’s

  • Matting must be tested every 6 months

  • Placed around high-voltage machinery

  • Workers should wear protective gloves and boots

  • Use switchboard matting & blankets

High Voltage Mats | Don’ts

  • Wet insulating mats should be replaced & dried

  • Never install insulating mats without gloves

  • Never use outdated standards of insulating mats

  • Always buy pretested electrical insulating mats

Why Use High Voltage Insulating Mats?

There is no denying the advantages of insulation mats. It saves lives and helps companies flourish with proper safety standards. There is no price on a human life lost, and certainly not due to a lack of safety measures.

Here is a comprehensive expert prescribed ways to avoid electrical hazards at workplaces.

Easy Setup

High voltage insulating mats are easy to install and set it up. It takes very less time and is also convenient to use.

Safety First

These mats ensure safety at work which is the most important thing. Workers are protected against any electrical hazards which can cause severe health issues and even death.


High voltage insulating mats come in different colours. Now, not only they protect you, but they can also be appealing at the same time.

Easy Clean

Big size mat means that it will be difficult to wash it. Well, not here! These mats are easy to clean. Any dirt or dust stuck on it will easily come off after a wash.


Electrical mats can be used for a long time. Hence, their price might be towards the higher side. They are super durable and can be trusted with the same mat for a long time.


High-voltage insulating mats are highly flexible. This is done to keep the mats in all the areas at ease. They are highly flexible and can be installed anywhere to keep the area shockproof.

One-Time Investment

These mats are a one-time investment because of its super durability and long-lasting texture. Once purchased these mats will be there for a long time.

When it comes to workplace safety, employers are responsible for ensuring the human prevention of all hazards. As an employee, it is your right to work in safe conditions.

Here is a video that helps you understand how important it is to install electrical insulating mats in your workplace.


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