Are you a bulk buyer of electrical rubber mats?

Do you too think that buying insulating rubber mats in a large quantity saves your time and energy?

An electrical rubber mat is a vital protective gear. It keeps the workers near high-voltage electric equipment safe. Moreover, a rubber mat for electrical purposes is costly. Hence, opting for a bulk purchase saves your money, as well. However, the real problem starts now.

How to maintain the electrical rubber mats?

Should you wash the insulated rubber mats?

How to store them keeping their integrity intact?

Take a breath! This blog contains tips from experts with 100+ years of collective experience. Go through this quick read to get all the answers.

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

You must have heard this line, right? Apply this while buying the electrical rubber mats.

While most of the electrical rubber mat manufacturers will tell you to visually inspect the insulated rubber mat first, our experts advise you to check the test certificate.

The test certificate gives you an overview of the electrical resistance the IS 15652, IEC 61111 or the ASTM D178 electrical rubber mats will offer.

Now, look at the label of your electrical rubber mat.

It also contains necessary details like the type, class, and maximum use voltage of the rubber mat for electrical purpose. Duratuf IS 15652 X-volt insulated rubber mat also contains the ISI marking on every meter.


You might have a few questions on your mind while buying the insulating mats, you can go through 11 must-know FAQs for buyers.

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 After you Buy the Electrical Rubber Mats …

  • Regular Visual Checks: Develop a routine for regularly inspecting your insulating mats for any signs of damage, such as cuts, tears, punctures, or burns.

  • Cleaning: Clean your insulating mats regularly to remove dirt, debris, and any conductive contaminants that could compromise their insulating properties. Use mild soap and water, and ensure the mats are completely dry before use.

Pro-tip: Ask for specific electrical rubber mat manufacturer’s guidelines about checking and cleaning them.

  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store your insulating mats in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals. Avoid storing them near sharp objects or heavy equipment that could cause damage.

  • Careful Handling: Avoid excessive bending, folding, or twisting the insulating mats, as this can damage the internal structure and compromise their insulating properties.

Pro-Tip: Invest in designated storage racks or shelves for your insulating mats to keep them organized and protected.

  • Regular Electrical Testing: Do you arrange regular testing for your electrical insulating mats?

Have your insulating mats periodically tested by a qualified electrician to ensure they maintain their required dielectric strength and can safely withstand electrical voltage. Testing frequency depends on factors like usage intensity and voltage levels encountered.

  • Timely Replacement: Even with proper care, insulating mats will eventually wear down and lose their effectiveness. Replace any mat that shows significant damage, fails electrical testing, or reaches the end of its recommended lifespan as specified by the manufacturer.

Pro-tip: Maintain a logbook to track inspection dates, cleaning routines, electrical test results, and replacement schedules for your insulating rubber mats. This will ensure they receive the necessary care and are replaced promptly when needed.

Click here to know the right time to replace the mats.

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Do not Miss on These Points

  • Training: Provide regular training for your staff on the proper use, care, and storage of the electrical rubber mats.

  • Safety Culture: Promote a safety culture within your organization where workers are encouraged to report any damage or concerns regarding insulating mats.

Sure? You do not need a Tailor-Made Advice?

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