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Electrical Insulation Mats have been a common electrical safety preventive method for a long time now. You can yet find many factories unaware of electrical safety protocols.
In addition to all of that, you would also find a good round of myths being passed around in terms of electrical safety. We are here to set the record straight for you.

Why use Electrical Insulation Mats in Workplaces?

For your workplaces, the most fatal encounter with electricity would be a static discharge.  Something like, when they scoot swiftly across the carpet while you are wearing socks.

And this where installing a tested high voltage electrical rubber mat could save lives in your workplace. In addition, it also keeps your company off bad records of insurance claims. In addition, you can avoid occupational fatalities due to the lack of electrical safety.

So, for you to harness the ideal electrical safety protocol, we at Duratuf Products are going to share some common facts about electrical safety in workplaces. To help you work safer and do more.

Facts About Electrical Safety in Workplaces 2019

Some of these facts are going to surprise you and are geared to help you design an ideal electrical safety protocol at your workplace.

The whole goal to achieve maximum electrical safety at workplaces is to benefit the operators and the business owners equally. Safety audits of factories and workplaces routinely happen. And, this is where electrical rubber mats play a huge role for operators working on live equipment.

You can protect yourself from electrical workplace fatalities by using the right protective means and electrical insulation mats.

We at Duratuf products are one of the leading exporters of ASTM d 178 switchboard mats all over the globe. We provide test certificates and have a quality mark on every meter.

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