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Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111:2009)

IEC 61111 | Test Certificate On Supply | Working Voltage 1-36 KV

An Overview of the IEC 61111 Electrical Panel Rubber Mat

Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mat is a premium quality safety equipment designed to reduce electrical hazards in workplaces. These mats comply with the IEC 61111: 2009 rubber mat standard or electrical panel. The IEC 61111: 2009 outdates the CLC/TS 61111:2006 regulations.
Whether it is a low-voltage application, medium or very high-voltage application, you can use our electrical mats in every case. Accepted globally, the IEC 61111 electrical rubber mat classes can be used in commercial places and industrial facilities.
These electrical insulation rubber mats come in various thicknesses from 2 mm to 5 mm. Users believe the thicker mats to be heavy. However, our mats are made with premium materials. Therefore, even if you buy a 5 mm thick IEC 61111 (Class 4) shockproof electrical mat, it will not feel bulky or excessively heavy.
Our durable IEC 61111 electrical insulation rubber mats have a fine-ribbed surface on the above and a textured surface on the below. The textured surface of these mats underneath offers an anti-skid feature, especially helpful in high-traffic areas.
Furthermore, this electrical rubber mat variant has a comfortable surface that minimizes lower leg fatigue in the workers who stand on it for longer periods.

What is the Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Panel Rubber Mat Made of?

The Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mat is made of premium-grade elastomer along with other compounds. The additional compounds enhance flexibility, durability, fire resistance and mechanical wear. Our IEC 61111 electrical mats do not have any insertion in them.
We apply stringent testing methods suggested by the IEC 61111:2009 electrical rubber mat standard. Each mat has to pass through various methods to test aspects like di-electric strength, AC-proof voltage, ageing, Mechanical Strength, Resistance to UV, Ozone, Flame etc.
Furthermore, to attest to the authenticity of our IEC rubber mat rolls, you will find adequate markings on the mats, spread evenly throughout. As a trusted electrical rubber mat supplier renowned globally, we offer an electrical rubber mat test certificate with every purchase.

Picture of Duratuf Electrial Rubber Mats, Class 0 (IEC 61111) in black colour
Picture of Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111), Class-4 in black colour
Picture of Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111) in grey fine ribbed design

Overview: Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111)

Electrical Rubber Mats are effective protective gear for the operators as they give safety from electrical shock. These electrical insulating mats are manufactured according to the IEC 61111:2009 standard set by the International Electro-Technical Commission. Duratuf is a global high-quality electrical insulatng mats supplier and exporter used to protect the operators while they work on electrical installations. Being non-conductive; these electrical insulation mats protect the electricians, workmen, and the operators for any disastrous shocks originated from the high voltage electrical equipment.

We recommend the insulating mats ranging from 2mm to 4mm thickness with anti-skid textured on both the bottom and top surface. We also provide electrical rubber mats with a fine-ribbed design that comes along 3mm to 5mm thickness. However, the insulating mats in higher thickness is also available, and can be customised depending upon the working voltage resistance required.

Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats are moisture and water resistant that guarantees long functional life. Besides, these high voltage insulating mats are also acid, oil, and fire-resistant. The manufacturer’s test certificate is always provided with electrical insulating mats at the delivery time. It is to be noted that colours, cut lengths, and custom shapes are available upon request.

FAQs: Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111)

The choice of electrical safety matting for use in live working is determined by the following:

  • The highest voltage of the system
  • The required insulation level for live working
  • The supplemental protective insulating equipment utilized by the worker
  • The work practices required by the employer and utilized by the employee
  • The national regulatory requirements

But, for further clarity, you can go through IEC61111 Eelectrical Insulation Mats | 100% Explained. It is a guide to help you choose your electrical safety matting standard and voltage.

Our Duratuf Insulation Mats are made available globally through direct sales and our network of authorised dealers and resellers. You can send us a request for a quote through our website or call us directly or email us to get a prompt response.

When it comes to the choice between Fine Ribbed and Both Sides Textured, it all boils down to the grip you need, the maintenance & the aesthetic factor. Fine Ribbed comes with a stronger grip in terms of high-voltage insulation mats but is harder to maintain due to accumulation of dirt between the ribs. Moreover minimum thickness for Fine Ribbed design is 3mm where as Both Sides Textured design starts at 2mm reducing cost.

The IEC 61111 Insulating Mats prices vary depending upon the working voltage, thickness, design, and colour. For immediate custom quotes and best prices for the electrical insulation mats please connect with us directly.

We at Duratuf do not guarantee the lowest pricing. But, we do guarantee the quality of our electrical insulation mats and adherence to the IEC 61111 specifications. However, in case you have a special pricing request then we request you to contact our customer sales representative or authorised dealer.

The minimum quantity required to order for a domestic order starts at 10 Sq. Mtr. And, in terms of international orders the minimum order quantity begins at 100 Sq. Mtr.

If you have a question and it is not listed above, please visit the FAQ Section on our homepage or contact us directly and we will solve all your queries.

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What are the Industrial Applications of Duratuf IEC 61111 Rubber Mat for Electrical Panel?

The world will stand still without electricity. Electricity powers high-voltage machinery in industrial facilities and public places like shopping malls, cinema halls etc. Electrical hazards are higher in the factories as many workers are involved in maintaining or handling this equipment.
Accidents cannot be predicted but they can be prevented. Electrical hazards like current leakage, short circuits, electrocution or electrical fires can lead to an unplanned downtime.
Experts suggest lying the electrical insulation rubber mats in front of all kinds of machines that run on high electricity like electrical panels, electricity generation plants.
Here is a list of places where you can use the IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats:

  • Electrical Substations (Under control panels and switchboards)
  • Power Generation Plants (generators, transformers, high-voltage equipment)
  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities (Production lines, maintenance areas with electrical equipment)
  • HVAC Plants (electrical panels and control units)
  • Data Centers (server racks, electrical installations)
  • Telecommunication Centers (Equipment rooms, power supply units)
  • Railways and Transport Facilities (Control rooms, maintenance workshops)
  • Mining Operations (Control areas, heavy machinery zones)
  • Construction Sites (Temporary power supplies, electrical panels)
  • Commercial and Residential Buildings (Electrical rooms, circuit breaker panels)
Image of Duratuf Insulating Mats made in India
Specialist Recommendations for Storing the Duratuf 61111:2009 electrical safety mats:

If you are planning to buy the electrical safety mats in bulk, you need to store them carefully, as well.
Our experts recommend:
Keep the IEC 61111 electrical safety matting in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Lay them flat or roll them loosely to prevent creases. Avoid contact with strong chemicals. Ensure enough ventilation to prevent moisture buildup
Moreover, regularly inspect the electrical mats for damage. Organize the storage space, keeping mats away from sharp objects, and label clearly for easy identification.
While storing the IEC 61111 electrical rubber panel mats, remember that the product warranty starts from the day you buy them. Thus, even if bulk buying is a wise decision you should not store them for more than six months.
If you need an urgent delivery of insulating mats, trust Duratuf. With ready stocks in 7 warehouses worldwide and a tech-backed supply chain management system, we deliver our products fast!

What are the benefits of using Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats?

  • Longer lifespan compared to cheaper “economical grade” rubber used by most manufacturers to cut costs
  • Assurance of investing in a genuine product, not uncertified duplicate insulating mats
  • 12-month warranty, extendable
  • Lasts for a minimum of 5-6 years with proper maintenance

Special Features of IEC 61111 Electrical Rubber Mats

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Technical Information: Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111)

Material CompositionElastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of natural rubber and other synthetic polymers.
Mechanical Puncture Resistance (min)
70 N
Slip Resistance (min)50 N
Ageing Properties at 70±2°C for 168 hoursMechanical Puncture Resistance not less than 80% of original value
Flame RetardanceDoes not catch fire
Low Temperature Test at - 25±3°CNo visible tear, cracks or breaks
Acid ResistanceMechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value
Oil ResistanceMechanical Test Values not less than 75% of original value
Working Temperature-25°C to 55°C
Tolerance Limit:± 10% on thickness, ± 2% on length & width

Maximum Voltage of the Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Mat

Product Code (SKU)ClassMax Use VoltageAC Proof VoltageWithstand VoltageMax Thickness AllowedRecommended Thickness
IM-IEC-C001.0 KV5.0 KV10.0 KV6.0mm2.0 mm
IM-IEC-C117.5 KV10.0 KV20.0 KV6.0mm2.0 mm
IM-IEC-C2217.0 KV20.0 KV30.0 KV8.0mm3.0 mm
IM-IEC-C3326.5 KV30.0 KV40.0 KV11.0 mm4.0 mm
IM-IEC-C4436.0 KV40.0 KV50.0 KV14.0 mm5.0 mm

Stock Roll Sizes of the Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Mat

Product Code (SKU)ClassColourAnti-Skid DesignThicknessWidthLengthWeight/Roll
IM-IEC-C0-BLATT-2MM0BlackTop & Bottom - Textured2.0 mm1 M10 M32 Kg(s)
IM-IEC-C1-BLATT-2MM1BlackTop & Bottom - Textured2.0 mm1 M10 M32 Kg(s)
IM-IEC-C2-BLAFT-3MM2BlackTop - Fine Ribbed & Bottom - Textured3.0 mm1 M10 M40 Kg(s)
IM-IEC-C3-BLAFT-4MM3BlackTop - Fine Ribbed & Bottom - Textured4.0 mm1 M10 M56 Kg(s)
IM-IEC-C4-BLAFT-5MM4BlackTop - Fine Ribbed & Bottom - Textured5.0 mm1 M10 M72 Kg(s)

Customize Your Duratuf 61111 Electrical Rubber Mat

ThicknessThickness can be customised for different classes upto 14 mm as per customer's requirement
WidthMax. width upto 1220 mm (4 ft)
LengthMax. length upto 15 m (50 ft)
ColorDark Grey or any other colour subject to techno-commercial feasibility
Anti-skid DesignAlso available in Top & Bottom side texture design in all classes

FAQ: Duratuf IEC 61111: 2009 Electrical Safety Mat

The primary purpose of the electrical rubber mats is to provide electrical safety. Made with a blend of elastomer and other compounds in proportion, the electrical mats are resistant to static electricity. They are nonconductive which means when a person handles live equipment standing on them, these mats channel the static electricity to electrically neutral Earth. This safeguards the personnel handling high voltage equipment.
The Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats have other features like anti-skid surface, fire, chemical and weathering resistance. Contact us to know more.

Yes, the Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mat classes will prevent electric shock. However, the voltage limits of each class are different. Please talk to our expert to choose the right class of rubber safety floor mats.

The IEC 61111: 2009 is a globally accepted electrical safety standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission. It supersedes the previous CLC/TS 61111:2006 standard for electrical rubber mats.
The IEC 61111 regulations review various testing methods and other requirements for an electrical safety mat.

Stay assured that we follow the latest revisions of the IEC 61111: 2009 standard for testing our electrical rubber mats. We also provide an electrical mat testing certificate as proof of the authenticity of our mats.
We can help you with a sample copy of our certificates. Ask our experts for it today!

Both IEC 61111 and the ASTM D178 help reduce different electrical hazards. But they are not the same. Below are the key differences:


IEC Insulating Mats

ASTM D178 Insulating Mats


IEC 61111




Rubber compounds

Testing Method

IEC 61111 standard

ASTM D178 standard


Only 1 type

Available in Type I & Type II (ABC)


Generally lower in thickness but higher thickness also available

Generally higher in thickness

Color Marking

Various colors for identification

Usually white color labels are used

Usage Guidelines

Generally preferred for global use

Preferred for equipments following American Standards


Generally lower in overall costing

Costlier due to higher thickness

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Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 square meters (equivalent to 10 rolls). If you require quantities less than 100 square meters, you can purchase through our channel partners. Contact us for their details.
For the BEST BULK ORDER RATES, the MOQ is 300 square meters. Feel free to consult with our experts for further clarification.
Yes, our IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats are covered by 12 months of warranty. But it can be extended.
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Yes, we offer product customizations like:

  • Thickness: Tailored thickness options beyond standard choices.
  • Dimensions: Custom lengths and widths tailored to fit precise areas.
  • Colour: Diverse colour choices to accommodate various applications or aesthetic preferences.
  • Dielectric Strength: Adjustments available to meet particular electrical insulation requirements.
  • Surface Texture: Various textures are offered for enhanced grip or specific environmental conditions.
  • Environmental Resistance: Enhanced properties to withstand chemicals, UV, ozone, or extreme temperatures.

The customisations are subject to our capacities. Please talk to our experts to know about the possibilities.

Yes, our IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats are covered by 12 months of warranty. But it can be extended.
Reach out for details.

We have a local presence in the UAE. We have a warehouse and office in Ajman Free Zone (UAE) and we are extending to Australia and the USA soon. Nevertheless, we have channel partners all over the world.
We usually maintain a ready stock at our warehouse in UAE and 6 warehouses in India. Hence, you can expect a delivery within 3-4 weeks for a standard product. In case of a larger size or a customized order, please discuss with our experts for a timeline.

Duratuf’s IEC 61111 insulating mats are packaged in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) roll packs for top protection and easy handling. This ensures the mats stay intact during storage and transport.
Each pack includes a QR code for instant customer feedback. Scan the code, share your thoughts, and help us improve. It’s convenient and shows our commitment to excellence.
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At Duratuf, we do not promise you the lowest rates. Instead, we vouch for the quality of our electrical switchboard matting range. Each of the rolls is carefully tested. We provide all the relevant documents even without following up repetitively.
If you want longer relief and want to reduce maintenance costs, choose our products.
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If you have a question and it is not listed above, you can visit our detailed FAQ Section on our homepage or connect with us directly for any assistance. Our customer care team shall be happy to help you.

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Our datasheet provides complete information in an easy to print/share format.