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Duratuf X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats (IS 15652:2006)

ISI Marked | BIS Approved | Type Tested | High Voltage Resistant

An Overview of the Electrical Safety Mats

The Duratuf electrical insulating mats are highly favored for their functionality and durability. We offer a wide range of insulating rubber mats under 1 roof. The X-Volt electrical rubber mats comply with the IS 15652 safety standard.
As a trusted electrical rubber mat supplier, we provide third-party type-tested certificates with our X-Volt electrical mats. Furthermore, their upper surface has prominent ISI markings on every meter (following the latest IS 15652:2006 safety standard).
Our electrical floor mats are considered vital safety equipment. Whether it is a production unit or a commercial set-up, the Duratuf X-Volt insulation rubber mats reduce electrical hazards. Besides electrical insulation, they offer lower leg comfort to the workers standing on them for hours.
The insulating mats are anti-slip having a dotted surface. You can choose between the blue and black colors of the X-Volt insulated rubber mats.

What are our electrical rubber mats made of?

The Duratuf X-Volt electrical mat is made of high-quality elastomer (free from any type of insertion) and other compounds. Mixed in a specific proportion, these compounds further enhance the electrical resistance of the high-voltage mats.
Electricity keeps the world running but it also possesses risks. Whether it is a live wire or current leakage- accidents come unannounced. Furthermore, electric current leakage may also lead to fire in an industrial set-up.
Our X-Volt high-voltage insulation mats elevate electrical safety measures across various industries. We cater to the major of core industries in India- Coal, Crude oil, Natural gas, Refinery products, Fertilizers, Steel, Cement, and Electricity.
Workers involved in the maintenance or control of high-voltage equipment stay at high risk of getting electric shocks. High voltage (HV) machines like electric motors and generators are designed to function at voltages exceeding 1000 volts. These machines play a crucial role in various industrial sectors, including power generation, oil and gas, and utilities, serving as essential components in their operations.
Therefore, you need foolproof safety gear to keep your productions running without compromising safety.

Overview: X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats

Introducing X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats which are manufactured according to the latest Indian Standard IS 15652:2006. Our technically advanced electrical insulation mats can be used even in the most stringent industrial conditions. These insulation mats work as a protective shield and provide the best safety for the electricians, workmen, technicians, and laborers.

Installing electrical insulating mats in your workplace are necessary for prevention against current leakage while working on DC or AC installations. X-Volt insulating mats ensures the safety of the workers who operate on live electronic equipment. These superior-quality insulating mats meet all the requirements of IS 15652 Standard and are also approved by third party testing agencies. The originality of the product is identified with our Brand & ISI marking inscribed on every meter.

X-Volt insulating mats are manufactured with elastomer (rubber, pvc and elastomeric compounds). It also comes with anti-skid aberrations to avoid slippage. The dotted anti-skid design makes the appearance of these electrical safety mats more appealing. We provide manufacturer’s test certificate along with the supply of the IS 15652 insulating mats.

To help you out, here is a Buyer’s Guide to Electrical Insulating Mats. Find all the relevant information you need in terms of X-Volt electrical insulating mats and its class and standard applications.

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Applications of the X-Volt IS 15652 Electrical Rubber Mat

Electricity related accidents can result into unprecedented downtimes, loss of lives and even cancellateion of your industry license. Hence, we must always stay attentive towards the electrical hazards. Additionally, we must use the necessary protective gears and follow safety rules.
The Duratuf X-Volt insulating rubber mats are placed in front of high voltage equipment, especially near the control panels. It is widely used in:

  • Electrical Substations (Substation Control Rooms, Switchyards etc)

  • Power Plants (Generator and Turbine Areas, Transformer Yards etc)

  • High Voltage Rooms (Testing Labs, Switchgear Room, Control Rooms etc)

  • Switchgear Rooms (Distribution Boards, Circuit Breaker Panels etc)

  • Control Panels (Electrical Cabinets, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Cabinets etc)

  • Data Centers (UPS Rooms, Telecommunication Rooms, Generator Rooms etc)

  • Battery Rooms (Battery Storage Racks, Battery Charging Stations etc)

  • Transformer Stations (Cable Trenches, Busbar Areas, Switching Areas etc)

  • Electrical Laboratories (Circuit Testing Zones, Equipment Testing Zones etc)

  • Railway Electrification Systems (Signal Equipment Rooms, Overhead Equipment (OHE) Maintenance Depots etc)

Recommendations for storing our X-Volt rubber mat for electrical work:

A majority of Indian businesses have chosen Duratuf as their insulating mats supplier. We vouch for the quality and longevity of our electrical rubber mats because we know what materials we have used to make each mat. Hence, storing our rubber mat rolls is easy:
Keep X-Volt electrical mats in a clean and dry environment, ensuring they are away from sharp objects. Choose to either roll or lay them flat. You must not fold them. Choose a cool, well-ventilated area. The place should be away from direct sunlight, steam pipes, radiator, ozone generating substances and any source of strong artificial light.

What are the benefits of using the X-Volt electrical mat?

  • Longer Life Compared To The Cheaper ‘Economical Grade’ Rubber Used By Most Manufacturers To Cut Cost
  • Buyers Know That They Are Investing In A ‘Genuine Product’ Not Any ‘Non-Certified Duplicate Insulating Mats’
  • 24 Months Warranty- A Value Deal Offering Sustainability
  • Lasts For A Minimum Of 5-6 Years
  • Makes The Workplace Visually Vibrant And Attractive To The Clients Visiting Your Workplace

Special Features of X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats

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IS 5424:1969 vs IS 15652:2006 Electrical Rubber Mat Safety Standards 

What are the differences between the IS 5424 and IS 15652 electrical rubber mat technical specifications
Many of our customers ask for the IS 5424:1969 compliant electrical floor mat. Being a certified electrical rubber mat supplier in India, we suggest using an IS 15652 insulating mat instead. Nowadays, the power requirement of most of the electrical equipment has increased. Hence, the IS 5424 electrical room mat may not provide adequate electrical resistance.

AspectIS 15652 Electrical MatsIS 5424 Electrical Mats
Compliance StandardFollows Indian Standard IS 15652
Follows Indian Standard IS 5424
Voltage RatingTypically rated for maximum voltage up to 11 kVTypically rated for maximum voltage up to 3.3 kV
ThicknessGenerally thicker due to higher voltage requirementsThinner compared to IS 15652 mats
MaterialOften made from materials like PVC or rubber, offering basic resistance to oils and moistureUtilize high-grade rubber compounds or specialty materials with enhanced oils and moisture
UsageSuitable for high voltage applicationsSuitable for low to medium voltage applications
MaintenanceCan be cleaned with mild soap and waterCannot be cleaned
Resistance FactorsHighly resistant to moisture, water, transformer oil, acid, alkaliAbsorbs moisture and water. Transformer oil, acid or alkali degrades the IS 5424 insulation mats.
ApplicationSuitable for low to medium voltage environments with limited exposure to oils and moisture, such as commercial buildings, workshops, and laboratoriesIdeal for high voltage applications in industries with significant oil, fire, or moisture exposure, including power generation, oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing

Technical Specifications of the X-Volt Electrical Mat

Material CompositionElastomer free from any insertion.
Tensile Strength (Min.)15N/mm2
Elongation at Break (Min.)250%
Leakage Current (Max.)10 mA
Insulation Resistance With
Water When Tested At 5000 V (Min.)
1,00,000 MΩ
Flame Retardance (Max.)Extinguishes Within 5 Secs
Aging Properties At 70 ± 1°C For 168 HoursT.S & E.B Not Less Than 75% Of Original Value
Acid, Alkali & Oil Resistance

T.S & E.B Not Less Than 80% Of Original Value
Working Temperature-10°C To 55°C
Tolerance Level±10% on thickness, ± 15 mm on width & length up to 600 mm and ± 20 mm for higher.

Insulation Matting Stock Roll Sizes

Product Code (SKU)ClassColourAnti-Skid DesignThicknessWidthLengthWeight/Roll
IM-XV-CA-BLADOT-2MMABlackTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured2.0 mm1 M10 M35 Kg(s)
IM-XV-CB-BLADOT-2.5MMBBlackTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured2.5 mm1 M10 M42 Kg(s)
IM-XV-CC-BLADOT-3MMCBlackTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured3.0 mm1 M10 M49 Kg(s)
IM-XV-CA-BLUDOT-2MMABlueTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured2.0 mm1 M10 M35 Kg(s)
IM-XV-CB-BLUDOT-2.5MMBBlueTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured2.5 mm1 M10 M42 Kg(s)
IM-XV-CC-BLUDOT-3MMCBlueTop - Dotted & Bottom - Textured3.0 mm1 M10 M49 Kg(s)
Maximum Voltage
Product Code ClassMax Use Voltage
AC Proof VoltageDielectric VoltageStandard Thickness
IM-XV-CAA3.3 KV10.0 KV30.0 KV2.0 mm
IM-XV-CBB11.0 KV22.0 KV45.0 KV2.5 mm
IM-XV-CCC33.0 KV36.0 KV65.0 KV3.0 mm

Customize Your Electrical Mat

WidthMax. width upto 1500mm
LengthMax. length upto 50M
ColorRed, Grey, Green, Yellow or any other colour subject to techno-commercial feasibility

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An electrical insulation mat is made of elastomer and some other compounds. They are used to protect workers from electric shock. Once you lay an insulating mat in front of high-voltage machinery and a worker stands on it, they channel the static electricity to the ground which may otherwise pass through the human body.

There are many insulated matting options to choose from. Want to understand the difference between them? Reach out to us.

Insulating mats should be used to provide electrical insulation and protection to workers against electrical hazards in workplaces. Especially the ones with high-voltage installations, switch rooms, and transformer areas.
The size and thickness vary with the class of electrical rubber mats. The Duratuf X-Volt electrical rubber mats are available in standard sizes of 1m x 10m. We also have 1M width x 2M Long cut sizes in ready stock. Here’s the breakdown of thicknesses:
For Class A mats, rated for voltages ranging from 3.3 KV to 30.0 KV:

  • Thickness: 2.0 mm

For Class B mats, rated for voltages ranging from 11.0 KV to 45.0 KV:

  • Thickness: 2.5 mm

For Class C mats, rated for voltages ranging from 33.0 KV to 65.0 KV:

  • Thickness: 3.0 mm

These specifications ensure that the electrical insulation mats are tailored to meet the voltage requirements of different classes while providing adequate thickness for effective electrical insulation and safety.

Need help choosing the right electrical safety mat? Reach out to us now!

We take the safety parameters seriously and test each electrical rubber mat according to the IS 15652 standard. These tests include:
Electrical Resistance Test:
Purpose: Evaluate resistance to electric current.
Tensile Strength and Elongation Test:
Purpose: Assess mechanical strength and flexibility.
Flame Resistance Test:
Purpose: Check resistance to flame propagation.
Aging Test:
Purpose: Simulate long-term use and environmental effects.
Water Absorption Test:
Purpose: Determine water absorption characteristics.
Ozone Resistance Test:
Purpose: Evaluate resistance to ozone exposure.
Dimensional Stability Test:
Purpose: Verify maintenance of specified dimensions

Shipping times vary based on factors such as location and product availability. Our team of experts can provide estimated shipping times when you place an order. Since we maintain a ready stock of our insulating mats in 6 warehouses across India, stay assured that, we ship our products fast!

At Duratuf, we do not commit to offering the lowest rates. Instead, we promise you the highest quality. Therefore you may not find our electrical rubber mat price at a low rate. However, if you want to get rid of the maintenance costs in the long run, you can trust the X-volt electrical mat. The durable build significantly reduces the maintenance cost. Moreover, the insulated rubber mats last at least 5-6 years (or more) with the right maintenance practices.
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To request a quote, you can mail, call, or WhatsApp our experts. You can also use the Website Chat option. We respond within 60 minutes.

To assist you in purchasing an electrical mat, we would need the following information:

  1. Voltage Rating: The maximum voltage the mat will be exposed to, as mats are designed for specific voltage ranges.

  2. Class Requirement: Whether you need Class A, B, or C mats, which are categorized based on their voltage ratings.

  3. Size Requirements: The dimensions (length, width) of the area where the mat will be installed, or the size of the mat needed.

  4. Thickness Preference: The preferred thickness of the mat, as it can vary based on voltage rating and application requirements.

  5. Color Preference: If the color of the mat is important for your application or safety requirements.

  6. Quantity: The quantity of mats you require for your project or facility.

  7. Additional Features: Any specific features you may need, such as anti-skid design, flame resistance, or customization options.

Duratuf’s X-Volt IS 15652 insulating mats are carefully packaged in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) roll packs to ensure top-notch protection and ease of handling. This premium packaging solution guarantees that the mats remain intact and secure during storage, transportation, and handling, maintaining their integrity until they reach the customer.
Duratuf goes beyond traditional packaging with its innovative QR Code Feedback System. Each pack of insulating mats features a QR code that allows customers to provide instant feedback on the product. Scan the code, share your thoughts, and help us improve. It’s transparency, convenience, and a commitment to excellence—all in one simple scan.
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The IEC 61111 standard is similar to the IS 15652 standard. However, the former is accepted globally while the latter is restricted to the Indian subcontinent only.

The IEC 61111 standard specifies the requirements for electrical insulating mats used for the safety of workers against electrical hazards in workplaces such as high-voltage installations, switch rooms, and transformer areas. It outlines the material, construction, dimensions, testing methods, and marking requirements for these mats to ensure their effectiveness in providing electrical insulation and protection.

If you have a question and it is not listed above, you can visit our detailed FAQ Section on our homepage or connect with us directly for any assistance. Our customer care team shall be happy to help you.

Our Insulation Rubber Mat is available in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore, Vizag, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal, Agra, Varanasi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Amritsar, Patna and all over India.

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