We continuously claim ourselves as electrical mat experts. How are we so much confident in our commitments? Your answer lies here:

Duratuf electrical rubber mats have elevated the value of many colossal projects across the world. Our rubber mats for electrical safety did much more than just offer protection. Businesses experienced high ROI and consistent growth with our premium industrial rubber products.

One such project is the Qatar Metro Railways- proof of our celebrated success.
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Overview of the Project

The Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP) was a pivotal infrastructure initiative. It was aimed to make public transportation seamless and quick. Moreover, the main objective behind it was to encourage the people of Doha to use public transportation instead of private cars. Looking at the larger picture, this was a practical move by the Qatar government to take a step towards sustainability, as well.

Challenges Faced by the Client: Why did they need electrical rubber mats?

The Qatar Metro Railways is one of the fastest and most technologically advanced railway systems in the world. Therefore, it is obvious that it will have complex electrical systems- electrical wiring, live wires etc.
Electricity that keeps the railways running can lead to electrical hazards in the blink of an eye. Hundreds and thousands of people take the Qatar Metros to go from one place to another.

In this scenario, what do you think; what can be the consequence of an electrical accident?

Nevertheless, apart from common people, the workers who maintain the electrical systems, are in constant danger too.
Thus, the QIRP needed a safety tool- an electrical mat for complete protection.

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How Our Rubber Mats for Electrical Safety Became the Solution

Why did we suggest our IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats?

At Duratuf, we have a wide range of electrical rubber mats to offer. Our product specialists suggested the IEC 61111: 2009 rubber mat for electrical panel as they are globally accepted.

These rubber mats for electrical safety are quality-tested, certified and have a track record of durability- meeting the needs of the hour.

Key features of the Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats

If you are wondering how to choose the right electrical insulating mat, you should consider the features that make it the most suitable for your work area. Our mats were chosen by the authorities for their key features. The Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical mats stand out in many ways like:

  • The versatility of applications: The metro railways have diverse areas where there is high-voltage equipment. Some to mention are the traction power substations, maintenance depots, trackside installation sites, power distribution rooms, etc. The needs of these areas are also different. The Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats are perfectly compliant to use across all these different zones.
  • Customizable: With the diverse necessities, the customization of the IEC 61111 rubber mat for electrical panel was also obvious. We are well-equipped to cater to the changing needs. Our mats can be tailor-made into customized dimensions, colours and finishes.
  • Anti-slip surface: The metro railways need 24/7 maintenance. Thus, the foot traffic can be significantly high at times. Our IEC 61111 rubber mats for electrical safety have an anti-slip textured surface. They have a superb grip on the ground. Moreover, they are thick enough to not get displaced when a safety personnel is in a hurry!
  • Identification labels: A rubber mat for electrical panel is considered compliant when it has authorised labels. These labels also serve as a quick identification mark, helping the personnel distinguish between the different voltage classes. Furthermore, as Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical mats have prominent and well-distributed product labels, you need not worry about an unplanned safety inspection.

Areas of the IEC 61111 electrical mat application in the QIRP Project

The Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical rubber mats minimized electrical hazards in the Qatar metro railways project. These are the areas where they were mainly installed:

  • Traction Power Substations: In front of the transformers, switchgear, and rectifiers in traction power substations
  • Maintenance Depots: In maintenance depots where routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance of trains and associated electrical systems occur.
  • Trackside Equipment Installation and Maintenance: The insulating mats were deployed in front of the signalling systems, power supply cables, and communication equipment.
  • Power Distribution Rooms: In power distribution rooms, the workers laid the IEC rubber mat for electrical panel in front of the electrical switchboards, control panels, and other distribution equipment.
  • Emergency Response and Rescue Operations: In the event of electrical emergencies such as short circuits or equipment failures, our insulating mats were quickly deployed to create a safe zone. The mats made electrical repairs safe, easy and quick.
Final Results:

The introduction of Duratuf’s Electrical Rubber Mats has ushered in a new era of safety and reliability in the operation of electrical systems within the metro network. We are highlighting some of the positive outcomes observed to date.

  • Increased Electrical Safety: Reportedly, the Duratuf electrical rubber mats increased electrical safety in the QIRP. The number of worker accidents dropped by 55.28% after installing our mats.
  • Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Costs: Apart from boosting safety, the Duratuf electrical mat made a mark with its toughness and durability. Having a proven resistance against the weather, moisture, water and mild chemicals- the mats reduced the costs of frequent purchases.

75% of our supplied batch of products are still in use after 5 years (the project started in 2019)

  • Positive Impact on Commuter Confidence: The implementation of advanced safety measures, including Duratuf’s Electrical Rubber Mats, has had a positive impact on commuter confidence in the Qatar Metro’s safety standards.

Commuters can now travel with peace of mind, knowing that robust safety protocols are in place to protect both passengers and personnel.Showcase of

  • Technological Innovation: Duratuf’s collaboration with the Qatar Metro project serves as a prime example of technological innovation driving safety advancements in urban transit systems worldwide.

The successful integration of cutting-edge electrical rubber mat technology underscores the importance of proactive safety measures in modern infrastructure development.

In a Nutshell:

Duratuf’s Electrical Rubber Mats have undeniably transformed urban transit safety in the Qatar Metro, setting a new benchmark for excellence in electrical insulation and hazard prevention.

The final results speak volumes about the tangible benefits of prioritizing safety and investing in innovative solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure the well-being of all stakeholders involved in urban transit operations.

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