You would need an electrical rubber mats manufacturer in India if you are looking for electrical safety in places.

When one is talking about the safety of workplaces or homes, the first thing that comes into one’s mind is that whether his home or workplace, is properly insulated or not?

Proper insulation though seems to be very easy, still requires sufficient as well as efficient expertise and knowledge. There are certain men involved in this serious business who work day and night to ensure the safety and proper working of different electrical appliances in your home. Now, in countries like India, you will find that almost every where the High Tension lines over head are bare.

There is no concept of insulating these wires and hence severe accidents occur on the days of heavy rain or thunderstorms. Also, if you look closely into the Indian households, you will be surprised to find that most of the houses have naked wirings falling from here and there. Starting from cables lines to air conditioners connection, nothing is covered with conduct pipes or Insulation Mats.

Coming to the switch board panels, hardly you can find them to be insulated. If I could remember correctly, there was a lady working in my dad’s office long back in the 80’s, got ninety percent burnt due to an electric shock while cooking on a 1000 watts asbestos electric heater in her home.

Electrical rubber mats and insulation mats play an important role in this entire process. These Insulation Mats are very efficient in preventing any electrical hazards and accidents. Their physical properties like durability, tensile strength, non- conductivity, resistance make them the most trusted product in terms of safety.

Companies like Duratuf Produkt based out in Kolkata, India take their job seriously and have become a household name in terms of providing electrical safety. Duratuf is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of engineering products and services covering mechanical, electrical, civil & material handling applications.

Electrical rubber mats and insulation mats available at Duratuf Produkt’s store are made up of high quality natural rubber and are thus very good non- conductors of electricity. Also, all of their products are BIS certified and are in compatible with government rules monitoring electrical safety.

So, you can rest all your worries in the hands of these fine people who will take care of all your safety needs.