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Are you struggling with stagnant sales?

Has diminishing profit margins become a regular affair for your reselling business? Are you searching for ways to stand apart in the competition? Did you know your problem solver can be an electrical safety mat from Duratuf?

Today, there is cut-throat competition in every sector. Nonetheless, it is a businessman who experiences the impacts of it the most.

Are you a rubber mat IS 15652 reseller?

Are you the stockist of insulated rubber matting?

Be it with your product range, product quality, or customer service. You have to keep your customers happy in every way.

The value of word-of-mouth marketing in business is immense. While positive reviews can help you get more customers, you can lose loyal customers if the opposite happens.

As a reseller, you know that the quest for profits can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Don't worry, Duratuf is here to help you overcome these challenges and unlock the true potential of your business.

We are just not one of the most reliable electrical rubber mat suppliers; we have become a customer-trusted brand within 12 years! More than 2700 customers in India and across the globe choose us when it comes to buying an electrical mat.

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Reselling Electrical Safety Mat: What is Actual Profit?

Generally, profit refers to the financial gain a business or individual earns after deducting all expenses and costs from total revenue. To us, it is more than just financial gain.

Definitely, you have to be competitive with the electrical insulation mat price.

But, the Duratuf team defines profit more critically- as intense growth and long-term sustainability.

If you are reselling electrical safety mat and are the intermediary between the producers and end users, you have to be very careful from the start.

This is where most insulated rubber mat suppliers go wrong. Your customers often do not want to know from where you are procuring the products.

Since they trust you, you have to be more cautious about which electrical mat suppliers you are working with.

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Foolproof Tips to Multiply Profits with the Right Insulated Rubber Matting

An Electrical Safety Mat is an important piece of safety equipment. They are extensively used in industrial and commercial places that require the use of high-voltage equipment.

Some places where a rubber mat IS 15652 is needed are:

  1. Electrical substations: in front of switch-gear, transformers

  2. Power generation plants: in front of generators, turbines, control panels, and switchboards.

  3. Commercial places: Near Electrical panels and switchboards

  4. Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities: In assembly lines, control rooms, motor control centers, and machine operator stations.

Therefore, dealing in insulated rubber matting is indeed a highly profitable business. You might want to read our blog on 5 Ways Electrical Mats can Boost ROI to Your Business.

However, if you want some tips to stay ahead in the competition with more profits, here you go:

  • Expanding the Product Range: Electrical safety mat may seem like a limited product range. But if you choose the new age electrical rubber mat suppliers like Duratuf, you will get a substantial catalog of relevant products.

Think about your niche and the customers you serve. Are there complementary products that would make a great addition to your current offerings? For example, if you're a reseller of rubber mat IS 15652, you can also start dealing in ASTM D-178 or IEC 61111 electrical mats. It will only be possible by choosing the electrical rubber mat suppliers wisely.

One of the keys to increasing your profits is to expand your product range. Ask yourself: Are you offering a wide variety of insulated rubber matting that cater for diverse customer needs? By diversifying your offerings, you can tap into new markets and attract a larger customer base.

  • Having the Right Marketing Strategy: Have you identified your target audience of rubber mat is 15652? Knowing your ideal customer is essential to tailor your marketing efforts effectively. Are you primarily targeting end-users that require insulated rubber matting?

Well, it can be challenging for a reseller to analyze the market. You may not have the time or resources. But losing important deals just because you lack a marketing strategy won’t fetch you anything in the long run.

Consider utilizing offline marketing strategies. Customers get more valued when they realize there is a physical effort involved. When you visit an end-user in-person, they can see your hard work by themselves.

Remember, the goal is to stand out and make your customers feel like they're getting more value by choosing your products. As reputed electrical rubber mat suppliers ourselves, we are always ready to extend our help.

  • Make yourself Visible: There is no way out but to make your business visible in this competitive market.

Having a prominent business presence has become crucial, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here are a few ways to make yourself visible as an electrical safety mat seller in your area:

  • Field visits to potential customers

  • Hand-to-hand distribution of marketing pamphlets

  • Inserting leaflets inside newspapers

  • Advertising the products on local TV channels

  • Word-of-mouth marketing of rubber mat IS 15652

  • Duratuf profit calculator to understand the volume of potential customers in your area

To put it in simpler words, maintaining an online image requires constant effort.

But do not be stressed.

Duratuf Channel Partners enjoy optimum profits with the least of such efforts. Our competent team takes care of everything instead. All our products, especially the X-volt electrical safety mat is worth the electrical insulation mat price we offer.

We appoint a dedicated product expert who can guide you about electrical safety mat.

Not only that, we feature our Channel Partners on our Website and Youtube channel (on preference).

  • Providing excellent customer service: How does your customer service stack up?

Offering exceptional customer service is a surefire way to differentiate yourself from the competition and boost customer satisfaction.

Your customers may have hundreds of questions about the electrical insulation mat price or certification.

An electrical safety mat is a must-have protective equipment but there are different types available. There are class A insulated rubber matting, class B electrical safety mat and class C rubber mat IS 15652.

Which is Right for You? Class A, B, or C? What to do if your customers require a custom-made electrical mat?

Note that, when you are dealing with electrical rubber mat suppliers, you are the customer. You may also have questions. If you get all your questions answered timely, you can also proactively handle your customers.

Duratuf takes pride in providing first-class customer support. You can check what they say about us from the reviews on our website or Google. Whether you want to know the best electrical insulation mat price or anything else, expect a faster response.

  • Building strong supplier relationships: Do you have strong relationships with electrical rubber mat suppliers?

Cultivating solid partnerships with reputable manufacturers or suppliers can be a game-changer for your business.

Take the time to establish favorable terms with your suppliers, such as volume discounts on a roll of electrical safety mat. You can also get exclusive distribution agreements depending on your bond. By negotiating better pricing and margins, you can boost your profits significantly.

Once you work with someone who has sound recognition and ethical work practices, consider your worries to be reduced to half. You will get a tailor-made electrical insulation mat price also.

Duratuf values long-term relationships with channel partners.

We consider them as a part of our family. Hence, we also want you to grow with us.

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Right Product at Right Electrical Insulation Mat Price: Why Should you become the Channel Partners of Duratuf?

The reputation that we boast is not mere expression. Within just 12 years we have completed over 7124 successful projects. We cater to the needs of domestic customers as well as international customers in 45 countries.

The reputation that we boast is not mere expression. Within just 12 years we have completed over 7124 successful projects. We cater to the needs of domestic customers as well as international customers in 45 countries.

Here is a glimpse of the facilities you get by choosing to be our electrical safety mat channel partners:

  • Buyback guarantee

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Marketing Collaterals

  • Warranty Card

  • In-Store Branding/ Display Banner/Standee

  • Logistics Support

Don’t keep stuck becoming a reseller. Enjoy more profits and better benefits with us.

Become our Channel Partner Today.