Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep electrical safety top-notch, only to be bothered by sneaky problems?

Do you want to enhance the life span of electrical insulating mats but getting no practical solutions?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep electrical safety top-notch, only to be bothered by sneaky problems? Do you want to enhance the life span of electrical insulating mats but getting no practical solutions?

 As experts dedicated to mitigating electrical hazards, we get it – the pains of dealing with issues. Let’s talk about the 5 common problems with insulating mats, the most trusty shields in the world of electrical safety.

 An electrical insulating mat is a quintessential protective equipment. According to the regulations of safety health councils worldwide, using proper protection while working in a high-voltage environment is necessary.

 Yes, you can use electrical hazard signage to keep your workers informed about the lurking dangers but ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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Where are electrical insulating mats used?

Electrical safety mats are used near high-power equipment in electrical substations, in the transformer room, near switch panels, etc.

5 different Problems 1 Long-Lasting Solution- Duratuf Electrical Insulating Mats

  • Enemy #1 – Dust

Dust might seem harmless in the aspect of electrical safety, but it’s trouble for insulating mats. It messes with their ability to keep your workers safe from electricity. Not only that, dust reduces the aesthetic appeal of the insulating mats. It causes the electrical mats to lose their grip, increasing the chances of occurrence of electrical hazards. Hazards that you cannot avert by simply putting an electrical hazard signage.

 Therefore, regular cleaning is like the superhero move that saves the day – keeping dust at bay and safety intact. Worried about the time required to clean the electrical insulating mats? Well, in the case of the Duratuf X-volt, IEC 61111, or ASTM D-178 electrical safety mats, the process is simple.

Let us guide you!

  • Enemy #2 – Moisture

Moisture compromises the insulation properties of electrical insulating mats, increasing the risk of electrical hazards. When moisture penetrates the mat material, it disrupts the insulation, creating paths for electrical current to flow through. As a result, moisture diminishes its effectiveness.

 Since the insulating mats are made from rubber, moisture can cause the material to break down over time. This degradation not only weakens the structural integrity of the mat but also reduces its overall life span. This is why aged insulating mats do not offer 100% electrical safety. Replace the mat before you put an electrical hazard signage.

  • Enemy #3- Strong Chemicals 

Strong chemicals, such as acids, solvents, and corrosive substances, are not good for electrical insulating mats. The specific nature of these chemicals poses a direct threat to the structural integrity of the mats, making it imperative to understand their impact. The color of the electrical insulating mats also fades away when they come in contact with highly corrosive substances.

 You need to understand here, that electrical insulating mats offer electrical safety. Hence, if you are looking for an appropriate flooring solution for the production area, talk to us. We have an extensive portfolio of rubber sheets to suit your requirements.

  • Enemy #4 – Improper Maintenance

Can you avert the risks of electrical hazards by maintaining an electrical mat? Yes, you can!

 Even the strongest electrical insulating mats have a weak spot – it’s called improper maintenance. Forgetting to check them weakens their power, making electrical problems more likely.

 An electrical insulating mat does not require rigorous maintenance. You just need to clean and regularly inspect them to keep the electrical hazards at bay. Apart from installing an electrical hazard signage, safety inspections are also your responsibility.

  • Enemy #5 – Delayed Safety Checks

The electrical insulating mats offer diminishing assurance of electrical safety as they age. With time, the composition of the compounds gets altered. Waiting too long for safety checks lets problems grow.

 Moreover, with an aged electrical safety mat, your responsibility for maintaining workplace safety might also get questioned.

 Your competitors might take an advantage if your workplace is prone to electrical hazards.

 Quick and regular checks are like a practical move – catching problems before they get big.

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Looking for an Upgrade?

Defeating these problems is not just a job – it’s a promise. By being smart, taking care of safety mats, and doing safety checks, you give insulating mats the power to keep everything safe.

 It’s not just about the workplace; it’s about making sure everyone goes home safe and sound.

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