In today’s fast-paced world, people rarely have extra time to spend. It is more true for business managers or people responsible for purchasing items for their industrial facility. No matter how much you want to shorten the process, there is rarely an escape. Especially when it comes to protective equipment like rubber mats for electrical safety, you cannot avoid buying them.
If you are a frequent buyer of industrial rubber sheets (say rubber mats for electrical safety), do you like to go through the lengthy purchase process? Do you wish for a shorter and easier way? Let’s start from the beginning.
The first step to buying electrical safety mats is to go through the insulating mat product catalogs.
The catalogs contain crucial details like images, technical specifications, recommended applications, and product descriptions.

We believe in offering the ‘Ease of Ordering’

At Duratuf, we take pride in providing ‘Ease of Ordering’ to our customers- and that starts with our product catalogs. Yes, you have guessed it right. At Duratuf, we present IS 15652, ASTM D178, and IEC 61111 mat for electrical room, interactively.
But, does an interactive catalogue help? Discover now!

Electrical Safety at Workplaces- Your First Priority
When should insulating mats be used?

No one expects accidents at their workplace. Accidents cause loss of life and assets. Especially, electricity-related accidents like current leakage or short circuits can even lead to fire. Fire spreads fast when there are flammable items on your factory production floor like fossil fuel-run machines, chemicals, or plastic.
To take care of electrical safety, you should use rubber mats for electrical safety, gloves, insulating jackets, shoes, etc.
While some confuse electrical floor heat mats with safety mats, they are not the same.
Find what is electrical safety matting 1000 V by clicking here.

5 Benefits of Choosing rubber mats for electrical safety from our Interactive Catalogue

What is an interactive catalogue? Does it interact with you in any way? Yes, they do. The Duratuf interactive electrical safety mats catalogues have:

  • Multiple Touchpoints
  • Clearer Zoomable Pictures
  • Videos Links
  • Links to a Technical
  • Questionnaire and more!

Before, you walk through the same and experience the change yourself, know first- is it worth investing time?
Well, our rubber mats for electrical safety stand out in these five ways:

1. Ease of Use and Accessibility

Why struggle with paper catalogs or static PDFs?

The interactive electrical mats catalogue offers ease of accessibility. Unlike bulky paper catalogues or static PDFs that are hard to navigate, interactive PDFs have many touchpoints. Touchpoints mean links or forms that can swiftly browse through the entire thing.
Additionally, you can access these catalogs from any device, anywhere. Once you download the rubber mats for the electrical safety catalog, stay assured that you will be going through a mini-website.
Our X-Volt catalog has been detailed with an elaborate FAQ section. Click here for downloading the IS 15652 catalogue.

2. Detailed Product Information and Specifications

Do you need comprehensive details to make an informed decision?

Are product descriptions the only determining factor while ordering? Especially if it is something as vital as electrical safety mats. What if you get other details like the electrical rubber mat installation process or a list of well-laid-out FAQs? Well, you will find all these details and more in an interactive catalogue in a better way.
However, the relief is, that you will not face any difficulty while going through so much information about rubber mats for electrical safety. Rather than putting the facts in the catalogue itself- you will get video links and redirection links to highly informative blogs. Hence, going through these insulating mat catalogues gets far more engaging!

3. Enhanced Visuals and Interactive Elements

Would you like to see your options more clearly?

From high-quality zoomable rubber mats for electrical safety images to videos, you will get to know about the products from an interactive catalogue in a far better way. There are features like rotation of the images and product simulations from which you get a touch-and-feel effect.
Long gone are the days when you would find limited photos in a catalog and have to ask for electrical safety mats sample. Many buyers still prefer looking at product samples. Nonetheless, in cases where you need an urgent delivery and do not have time to ask for a sample, the more product images you have, the more concrete the idea you will get.

Our IEC 61111 rubber mats for electrical safety catalogue contains clearly defined product labels among many other things. Click here to go to it.

4. Instant Updates and Real-Time Availability

Tired of outdated information in traditional catalogs?

Updating a rubber mats for electrical safety catalog is not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expenses. Therefore, many choose to update them once-in-a-while, when any significant change has occurred. One of the main risks of using traditional catalogs is outdated information. Interactive catalogs, on the other hand, are continually updated with the latest product data, ensuring users always have access to current information.
Real-time availability checks allow users to see which products are in stock, reducing the chances of delays or surprises. This instant access to up-to-date information streamlines electrical safety mats purchasing process and enhances overall efficiency.

5. Interactive Support and Personalized Assistance

Do you need personalized help while browsing?

Rubber mats for electrical safety interactive catalogs often come with built-in support features, such as live chat, virtual assistants, and contact forms, offering personalized assistance to users as they browse. This interactive support can answer questions, provide recommendations, and guide users through the selection process. Personalized assistance ensures that users can make the best choices for their specific electrical safety mats requirements, improving customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase decisions.
In our interactive electrical safety matting 1000 V catalogue, you will get ordering forms, scannable WhatsApp codes, and linked email IDs. This will help you ask for quotes, the moment you have the need.

Want to check out our ASTM D178 catalogue? Here you go!

Where Can you Find our Interactive Insulating Mat Catalogue?

The catalogs are available on our product pages! You can also connect with us quickly on WhatsApp!

Need more reasons to choose our ASTM D178, IS 15652, or IEC 61111 electrical mats? Click to know how our di-electrical mats stand out!

Our mats even contribute to environmental sustainability, click here if you are curious to know.


Technology is evolving rapidly, and at Duratuf, we are committed to transforming ourselves as well. Interactive catalogs offer unparalleled benefits, including ease of use, detailed product information, enhanced visuals, instant updates, and personalized support.

Now, you can make a quick decision easily, even after knowing all about a product in detail!
Contact our specialists if you have further questions!

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