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Facts about Insulating Mats

Is your workplace dealing with live electrical equipment well-guarded from electric shocks? Did you have an insulation mat applied on the floor where live electrical equipment is placed?  Are you aware that an electrical rubber mat plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and security of electrical operators? Usually laid down on the floor in front of the electrical panels or equipment, there are more surprising facts about insulating mats that one should know. 

According to an article published in ‘The Hindu’, more than 40% of fire accidents in buildings occur due to electrical hazards. In addition to it, close to 13 electrocution fatalities happen on an average day in India because of workplace accidents. Insulating mats act as protective gear for electricians, technicians, and laborers who work on live electrical equipment in the workplace. In addition to providing enhanced levels of protection for workers, it prevents important essentials and electrical assets from getting damaged due to unexpected electrocution or fire.      

It is Non-Conductive

The electric mat is made up of synthetic polymers that provide better non-conductivity. It obstructs the electrical energy to flow from the electrical source to the earth via the human body. 

Insulating Mats are a Mandatory Requirement

There is no question of whether you want to install a rubber mat for the electrical panel room since it is a mandatory requirement. To ensure safe working practices in enterprises that make use of heavy power equipment, it has become a mandatory safety parameter that enterprises should adhere to. 

Available in Varied Range of Colours

Are you bored with the usual black-colored insulation mat? A premium quality electrical mat that adheres to the latest Indian standards IS 15652:2006 such as X-Volt insulating mats and Safevolt insulation mats are available in custom colors depending on the user requirements. The most common being the option to choose from blue and black colors.  The option to choose from different colors makes it visually appealing also. 

Affordable Price

If you have thought of purchasing a top-quality electrical mat, then affordability becomes a concern. Duratuf have a range of electrical rubber mat to choose from at a surprisingly affordable price tag without compromising on the quality and safety standards. However, compared to electrical checker mats, Safevolt and X-volt insulation mats are highly recommended owing to their enhanced features and durability. 

Smoother Surface offers comfort for electrical workers

The smoother yet sturdy design of the electrical rubber mat ensures the utmost comfort for the electrical workers and technicians without them being tired standing for long hours. The cushion-like surface offers enhanced convenience for the workers. Thus, an insulation mat helps increase the overall productivity of the electrical worker. 

Temperature Resistance  

The aging properties of insulation mat are among the best in its class. They deliver the best resistance during high insulation as well as very low-temperature resistance. 

Easy to Install

Irrespective of how complex the huge electrical equipment is in your enterprise, the installation procedure of insulating mats is seamless and hassle-free. All you have to do is to place the electrical rubber mat on the floor in front of the position where the large electrical equipment is placed and electrical workers or technicians have to stand and work. 

  • Clean the floor and dry the floor
  • An adhesive will be applied to the floor
  • Then place the insulation mat 
  • The roller application will be applied for pasting the electrical rubber mat onto the floor

Available in different sizes and shapes

Rubber mat for electrical panel rooms are available in different sizes and shapes according to the user’s specific requirements and also depending on whether the user is purchasing the electric mat for small, medium, or larger enterprises. 

Wide Range of Application Area

The application area of electric mat includes a wide variety of electrical fields such as,

  • Switchboards 
  • Power Plants
  • Power Transmission Rooms
  • Electrical Substations
  • High Voltage Panels
  • Within Lift Control Gear Rooms
  • Areas where electrical technicians will have to work on the opening of the electrical panels as well as wires


An electrical rubber mat of premium quality is durable in its characteristics. It is up to the user to ensure the electrical mat they purchase adheres to safety standards and whether they are BIS-approved or CPRI/ERDA-tested. Approval from third-party testing agencies indicates the electrical mats are of premium quality and are long-lasting as well as high voltage resistance. The durability of Safevolt insulation mats can be anywhere between a minimum of 8 years and a maximum of 10 years. X-Volt insulating mats' durability may range anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However, the durability depends a lot on how carefully the user is able to maintain these premium quality insulation mats

Easy to Clean

Electrical rubber mats can be easily washable. No matter how much dirt or dust is stuck in the mat, it comes off easily after a wash allowing the user to keep it clean always. 


Electrical mats are designed to be flexible. The flexible characteristics allow the authorized professionals to install it in the electrical areas with ease for keeping the area shockproof.

Improved Elongation Capabilities

For those who aren’t sure about the elongation properties of insulation mats, both X-Volt insulating mats and Safevolt insulating mats feature very high elongation properties.

Enhanced Tensile Strength 

Electrical mats or insulation mats feature better tensile strength compared to electrical checker mats. The tensile strength is very high for both X-Volt insulating mats and Safevolt insulation mats. 

Oil Resistance

Insulation mats are designed to be highly oil-resistant. It is also acid-resistant and alkali resistant. This entire feature makes it a preferred choice among users. 

A superior-grade electrical rubber mat is your ultimate solution to ensure complete electrical safety for your workers and technicians as well as comply with electrical safety regulatory norms initiated by the government.