Do you know more than 1000 people die from electrocution everyday? What could be the reasons behind rising electrical hazards in the workplace? Is it for not using appropriate protective equipment? Or, specifically an electrical rubber mat?

What happens if a worker dies on-site?

  • First, you have to go through a lengthy penal process. Interrogation from the police and detectives will become a regular affair. And, if it’s because of your negligence, you may have to face severe charges.

  • Second, you will have to halt your business processes. Imagine the loss incurred by an accident, here.

  • Third, business owners are liable to pay death compensation. The more casualties, the more it affects your pocket.

Electricity is an integral part of our modern workplaces. It powers essential equipment and machinery.

But, it also poses significant electrical hazards in the workplace like these:

10 Types of Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

2 OSHA recognizes some accident-causing situations that lead to devastating electrical hazards on your production floor or near high-voltage equipment.

Image of Hazard of Electrocution

1. Electric Shock: Electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with energized electrical conductors or equipment.

t can range from a mild tingling sensation to severe burns, cardiac arrest, or even death. According to 2OSHA, electrical shocks accounted for a significant number of electrical hazards in the workplace in late 2022.

2. Arc Flash: An arc flash is a sudden release of energy caused by an electric arc. It produces intense heat, light, and pressure waves.

These result in severe burns, hearing loss, and even fatalities.

3. Electrocution: Electrocution refers to death caused by electric shock.

The 2OSHA statistics reveal that electrocution remains a serious concern in various industries. If you are looking for safety measures that offer you peace of mind,

try Duratuf®’s ASTM D-178 switchboard mats.

Image of Flash in faulty wiring

4. Faulty Wiring: Outdated wiring is a common hazard that can lead to electrical accidents.

Over time, wiring insulation deteriorates. It increases the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and short circuits. Regular inspections and maintenance of wiring systems are essential to improve safety in the workplace. But,

it is also imperative to use protective equipment like an electrical insulating mat.

Image of Overloaded Circuits

5. Overloaded Circuits: Overloading electrical circuits occurs when too many devices draw power from a single outlet or circuit.

It causes overheating, tripped circuit breakers, and electrical fires.

Image of Damaged Power Cords and Cables

6. Damaged Power Cords and Cables: Frayed or damaged power cords and cables pose significant electrical risks

Exposed wires increase the likelihood of shocks and short circuits. It causes you to compromise electrical safety in the workplace.

7. Lack of Grounding: Proper grounding is crucial to ensure electrical safety

Without adequate grounding, electrical equipment can become energized and pose a shock hazard. You should follow proper grounding procedures as outlined by electrical codes and standards.

8. Improper Equipment Use: Incorrect use of electrical equipment can lead to electrical hazards in the workplace.

For example, using equipment near water without proper insulation. Handling live electrical components without appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) can result in electrical shocks or burns. Thus, you should never handle live electrical components without a test-certified electrical rubber mat.

9. Inadequate Lockout/Tagout Procedures: Lockout or tagout procedures are critical for the maintenance and repair of electrical systems.

Failure to effectively isolate electrical energy sources can expose workers to electrical hazards in the workplace. Strict adherence to protocols can contribute to electrical safety in the workplace.

10. Insufficient Electrical Safety Training: Lack of proper electrical safety training is a significant hazard in the workplace. Workers may be unaware of potential risks

They might not know how to handle electrical equipment or perform emergency procedures. Even experienced workers can surrender to the aspects of safety in the workplace.

Are you Thinking about how to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Workplace?

Image of Application of Electrical Insulating Mats in machine rooms
Well, the remedy is simple- you can add to the safety measures of your workplace with an ASTM D-178 insulating mat.

How does ASTM D-178 Switchboard Matting Keep the dangers at bay?

According to 2OSHA, the use of PPE like an electrical insulating mat, is a must. Not only to keep workers safe but also to protect your business. Nonetheless, you have to define the “Electrically Safe Work discipline.

Duratuf® strives to mitigate electrical hazards in the workplace. Thus, we offer 5 classes of customizable insulating mats:

Image of ASTM Matting
  • Class 0: working voltage is 1,000 volts or 1.0 kV.

  • Class 1: Maximum use voltage is 7,500 volts or 7.5 kV.

  • Class 2: Maximum use voltage is 17,000 volts or 17.0 kV.

  • Class 3: Maximum use voltage is 26,500 volts or 26.5 kV.

  • Class 4: Offers protection against the working voltage of 36,000 volts or 36.0 kV.

Duratuf® also sells a custom electrical rubber mat to reduce electrical hazards in the workplace.

Our customized electrical insulating mats are up to 25.0 mm thick. Hence, they will surely add to electrical safety in the workplace. They also make your workers more productive by minimizing lower leg fatigue.

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