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We are an electrical rubber mat supplier offerering all types of electrical insulating mats to protect from shock:
the most popular IS 15652 Insulating Mats to the internationally acclaimed IEC 61111 and ASTM D178 Switchboard Mats.


X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats Blue Colour

X-Volt Insulating Mats
(IS 15652:2006)

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Safevolt Insulation Mats Black Colour

Safevolt Insulation Mats
(IS 15652:2006)

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Duratuf Electrical Checker Mat IS 5424

Electrical Checker Mats
(IS 5424:1969)

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Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Rubber Mats Thumbnail

Electrical Rubber Mats
(IEC 61111:2009)

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Duratuf Switchboard Mats ASTM D178 Thumbnail

Switchboard Mats

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Duratuf Electrical Safety Mats ASNZS 2978 Thumbnail

Electrical Safety Mats
(AS/NZS – 2978:1995)

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FAQ’s: Electrical Insulating Mats

How do electrical insulating mats work?2019-07-30T13:06:16+05:30

Electrical insulating mats are made of rubber. Rubber is a natural dielectric material and therefore inhibits the flow of electrical charges as a result of its molecular structure preventing the free flow of electrons. This when combined with the flexibility and cushioning nature of its material, make it the perfect choice for electrical safety matting.

Why should I use electrical insulating mats?2019-07-30T13:20:41+05:30

These insulating mats protect the workers in case of accidental leakage of current while working on electrical equipment and provides the technicians with added safety and increased productivity. The use of electrical insulating mats not only safeguards the life of your workers but is also a mandatory requirement by various Safety Audit Agencies such as CPWD & CENELEC and is recommended for use by the international organization such as IEC, ASTM & BIS.

Which type of insulating mats should I buy in India?2020-03-03T11:49:42+05:30

The most recommended mats in India are the Electrical Insulating Mats conforming to IS 15652:2006. They are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and carry the ISI Marking on every meter. They are acceptable to all the safety audit and government agencies.

Which electrical safety mat should I choose for International use?2020-03-03T11:47:20+05:30

The most popular and best-selling insulation mats in the global markets are the Electrical Rubber Mats as per IEC 61111. They are approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) & comply with all CENELEC regulations.

How do I select the select the class & standard of electrical insulating matting?2020-01-17T12:04:34+05:30

The choice of insulating matting in for use in live working is determined by the following:

  • The highest voltage of the system
  • The required insulation level for live working
  • The supplemental protective insulating equipment utilized by the worker
  • The work practices required by the employer and utilized by the employee
  • The national regulatory requirements

To further help you out, here is a Buyer’s Guide to Electrical Insulating Mats so you can choose your standard and class of your electrical rubber mats.

What kind of marking are there on the insulating mats?2019-07-30T13:24:07+05:30

Each electrical safety mat carries marking on every meter as per the relevant standard including manufacturer’s identity, standard mark, lot no., class & type (if applicable) etc.

What is the minimum order quantity of the electrical rubber mats?2019-07-30T13:18:08+05:30

For Domestic Orders the MOQ is 10 Sq. Mtr. & for International Orders is 100 Sq. Mtr. For Non-Regular or Customised sizes please contact us for quote.

What are the special services & customisation options available?2019-07-30T13:08:13+05:30

Custom Formulations | Stencilling | Colour Customisation| Custom Dimensions | Fixing of Mats at Site

Can you cut insulating mats into unique shapes or punch holes?2019-07-30T13:25:01+05:30

Yes. We can cut and supply the insulating rubber mats as per your requirement, but hole punching is not allowed.

What is the colour of the insulating mats?2019-07-30T13:25:25+05:30

Unless otherwise mentioned, the standard colour of the electrical rubber mats is Black.

What is the standard packaging of the insulating mats?2019-07-30T13:08:13+05:30

The insulating mats are packed in roll form with inner layer of PP and outer layer of HDPE. Additional packing services such as gunny or pallet packing is provided on request.

What if the standard technical specification is not meeting our requirements?2019-07-30T13:08:13+05:30

No worries! We can customise the compound formulation to meet your specific needs. Kindly contact our customer sales representative or authorised dealers.

Where can I buy Duratuf Electrical Insulating Mats?2021-03-24T19:02:46+05:30

We supply our electrical insulating mats on the Pan-India basis and these rubber mats also supplied to all major countries across the five continents. You have an overview of Duratuf’s quality commitment here.

What if I am getting cheaper prices for electrical rubber mat elsewhere?2019-07-30T14:35:36+05:30

We do not guarantee that our products are the cheapest. But we guarantee the quality of our insulating mats and ensure reasonable pricing. We request you to try our insulating mats to understand the difference. However, in case you have a special pricing request then we request you to contact our customer sales representative or authorised dealer to get the product customised as per your needs.

What are the standard payment terms for electrical matting?2019-07-30T13:16:44+05:30

Our standard payment terms is 100% advance with order. However, other payment terms including credit terms may be provided subject to our approval.

What are the standard freight terms for the matting?2019-07-30T13:17:06+05:30

Our standard freight terms is FOB our warehouse location. However, we also provided door delivery up to customer location through our freight partner’s such as FEDEX, VRL, TCI, ARC & others.

What is the warranty provided on the safety mats?2019-07-30T13:17:16+05:30

Unless mentioned otherwise, we provide free replacement warranty against manufacturing defects of 2 Years for Safevolt Insulating Mat, 1 Year for all other Insulating Mats excluding Rubber mats as per IS 5424 which has only 3 Months warranty from the date of invoice.

How does Duratuf maintain quality of the electrical rubber mats?2019-07-30T13:17:32+05:30

Our insulating mats are manufactured on modern sophisticated plant & machinery and are subjected to strict in-process quality checks as per the various Indian & International Standards to ensure consistent quality.

Do I get a Test Certificate with the electrical insulating mats?2019-07-30T13:29:40+05:30

All insulating mats are provided with Test Certificate against physical properties, chemical properties (if applicable) and electrical properties at the time of delivery.

What to do if my question is not available here?2019-07-30T13:06:16+05:30

If your question is not listed here, please contact our customer care team and they shall be happy to help you.

How should I store the electrical insulating mats?2019-07-30T14:33:55+05:30

Insulating mats should be properly stored to avoid the risk of damage to the insulating material. Care should be taken to ensure
that the electrical matting is not compressed, folded, or stored in proximity to steam pipes, radiators or other sources of artificial heat or
exposed to direct sunlight, artificial light or ozone for prolonged period. It is desirable that the ambient temperature be between
10°C and 21°C.

Is there any examination required before use of insulation mats?2019-07-30T14:33:42+05:30

Each time before use, the safety matting should be visually inspected. If the matting is thought to be unsafe, it shall not be used and
should be returned for testing or destroyed.

What are the precautions to be taken while using electrical rubber mats?2020-01-17T12:02:27+05:30

The electrical insulating mats should not be exposed unnecessarily to heat or light or allowed to encounter oil, grease, turpentine, white
spirit or strong acid. It should be placed on a clean, smooth floor and the feet should be positioned in the center of the electrical mat.

When rubber matting becomes soiled, it should be washed with soap and water at a temperature not exceeding 65°C, and
thoroughly dried. If insulating compounds, such as tar and paint, continue to stick to the mat, the affected parts should be wiped
immediately with a suitable solvent, avoiding excessive solvent use, and then immediately washed and treated as described

Here is a Post Purchase Guide to Electrical Insulating Mats.

Is there any need for regular inspection of the electrical matting?2021-02-10T11:50:17+05:30

We highly recommend that the safety rubber matting, even those held in storage, should not be used unless they have been electrically tested in accordance with the relevant standard within a maximum period of twelve months.

Here are the Do’s and Don’t with High Voltage Insulating Mats.

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Who we are?

Duratuf Products is a supplier of high quality Electrical Insulating Mats used to cover the ground for the electrical protection of operators. At present, we deliver the widest range of electrical insulation mats. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & CE Certified organisation. More than 50% of our insulating mats are exported to different countries across the five continents.

Our Goal

We believe that safety is uncompromisable. Our goal is to provide the best Electrical Rubber Mats for Control Panels and Switchboard Mats as per latest international standards which is vital to the protection of the electrical operators. Ensuring zero hazards due to unprecedented shock while working on live equipment is a necessity.

Our Safety Mat Supplies:

X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats (IS: 15652)
Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111)
Duratuf Switchboard Mats (ASTM D178)
Safevolt Insulation Mats (IS 15652)
Other Electrical Mats

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