Doesn’t matter if you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall or one with moderate rainfall if it rains then hard items at your home can get wet easily. The same thing may happen with your insulating mat as well. Electrical insulating mats are very common household items. What should you do then?

The first thing that we would like to mention is that different procedures must be taken to deal with different kind of mats.

  1. Spray foam insulator:

If you use spray foam insulation in the home, you are surely lucky as it provides an air-tight and water-resistant shield. If you notice water on your spray foam, there must be a leak somewhere to find it. There’s nothing to worry as the water will not penetrate and will soon evaporate.

  1. Fiberglass insulation:

The fibers which are used for making fiberglass insulation are made up of water and recycled glass thus they will not absorb water. When the fiberglass insulation gets wet, the fibers remain safe and sound and work perfectly okay.

However, make sure that water does not get accumulated in the air pockets as this will lead to low insulation capability.

  1. Cellulose insulation:

When you wet your cellulose insulation, it is time for you to sit up and pay special attention. Cellulose is nothing but fiber made out of plant and mostly they are recycled newspapers. Although it is eco-friendly and a good alternative to rubber mat for electrical purpose, when exposed to water can have drastic effect. There may be a need of removing the total insulation.

  1. Cotton insulation mat:

Cotton, as we already know is a plant material and is thus prone to severe effect when wet. However, it dries easily as compared to cellulose insulation. If only a small part is damaged, it can be changed or replaced.

So these are some methods on how you can work with your wet insulation mat. Unlike other mats available, you can easily get rid of the moisture from insulating mats. For instance, you can blow hot air or you can also swipe the wet area of the mat using an absorbent fabric. Doing these will help you to get rid of the moisture and you can thereby continue using it.  Although there are ways to make them work, you must take proper precautions so that you don’t get them wet. For saving them, keep them far away from windows so that they are away from the rain.

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